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Eye Makeup Remover

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Michan M.

I have the remover that takes off waterproof/long wearing makeup which comes in the green bottle. I have really sensitive eyes and am really picky when it comes to removers because I don't want to end up rubbing my eyes to take the make up off or having my eyes burn because the solution is too strong for them. This is actually a really good eye make up remover and its at the drugstore so it's really easy to get your hands on it and it isn't more than $8 (and sometimes you can get deals on it depending where you go). It is very gentle and does the job quick and easy. I love this so much!

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Bianca I.
Works like a charm!
Bianca I.'s Review Image

This stuff is great in my opinion ! I prefer using liquid eye removers vs. wipes. Also it's oil-free so great for those who have oily skin! Causes no break-outs, and leaves skin feeling refreshed! It always gets my water-proof mascara and eyeliner off!

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Bella B.

love this removes eye makeup quick and easy with no hastle or pain. a lot of eye makeup removers make my eyes sting and I this is the first one I have found that doesn't do that but gets the job done. thank you Loreal!

Pariiz L.

I love this remover! This product can remove all of water resistance makeup gently and cleanly. Also, It's not burn my sensitive eyes at all.

CHEAP & GREAT makeup remover <3

Tiara R.

i love this it works well for removing my makeup and its not oily and it doesnt break out my face. i like this one better than the almay one

Dawn M.

This is my go-to eye make up remover. I've went through several bottles of this, I also own the L'Oreal Clean Artiste which is in the green bottle and is for waterproof make up.. however this one does a good job on waterproof make up as well, I just don't like to rub on my lashes that hard to remove mascara or liner.

Hunny V.
I like this makeup remover.

It's oil free so you don't have to worried about your face getting oily after removing your makeup. I like this product better than wipes. I'm very satisfy wtih this product. I would highly recommend it.

Lynn R.

This product removes eye makeup gently and easily. I used to douse a cotton ball with it and it was wayyy too much and would find some way to get into my eye so you only need a little bit to get make up off. :) oh and the generic Walmart brand works just as well.

Tashina M.
Really good stuff!

I really like this. It is really good at getting my mountains of waterproof eyeliner off without having to pull on my eyes. It doesn't leave a heavy oily greasy feeling behind either and it also doesn't dry out my eye area. This is also another one I use to clean my makeup brushes with. It works pretty well in that respect too. I just took off a star because the bottle is small. I have to buy 3 at a time ant it is almost $7 a bottle so it's still not TOO pricey, but when you are a drugstore diva like myself, it adds up.

Myrna P.

This is an average product. I am not that happy with it. It doesn't do anything for me. I rather stick to my MAC wipes. Takes everything right off.