HD Invisible Cover Foundation


Katrin P.
Great product

This foundation is really great. I have never found something match so perfectly with my skin colour. Definitely highly recommended. I only gave four stars because my face is extremely oily. This foundation keeps me matte but not for long... I am hunting for a really good setting powder. Any recommendation is welcome. So far I've tried Rimmel Stay Matte from the drugstore... It's good but not as good as I'd hope.

Melissa M.
Good foudation

I really like this foundation I submitted a review but this is the correct shade I personally love it for winter time because I tend to get kind of dry and it helps but for summer I wouldn't recommend if you have oily skin

Ixzayana G.
My fave!!!

This foundation is one of my favorite foundations I don't use it much for every day use but I do reach for it when I want a super flawless look or for an event where I will be taking pictures!! The shade is a perfect match for me I use 153 golden beige, I like how it lasts all day long and doesn't melt off in the heat, and I also love it has a pump!!

Miriam H.

If you are looking for a heavy coverage, then this is the right product! I used to have a photography subject in college and this is what I use for my models because it doesn't make your skin oily despite of the heat from the studio lights. It lasts long too.

Pallavi K.
Heavy Coverage

Great for dry and normal skin. The coverage is really good and the finish is flawless and glowy. Getting the right shade for your skin in the trick with this one. I would recommend getting a sample to use of a couple of shades which you think work best, instead of trying it at the store and buying it right away. A very light dusting of a loose powder for setting is sufficient. Not a good regular use foundation, as I found it quite heavy.

Naomi M.
Flawless and Matches Evenly On My Skin!

Even though I am a little tight on my budget knowing this foundation really matches evenly on my skin, I just had to have it. It feels light and I fall in love with it instantly!

Stacey L.
If only i could afford more

I bought this once and loved it more than my mac foundation but if only i could splurge on this foundation. Its def hd. But ill only wear this for special events. I dont need this kind of coverage daily

Metta X.
The Best Foundation!

I absolutely love this foundation! This retails for $42 and the color selection is amazing! What I really love about this foundation is the fact that it really adjusts to your skin tone! I'm normally (in MAC) an NC 35, and for me, a MUFE 153 would be way too dark for me, or so I thought. When I tried this foundation out I was so surprised that it wasn't that dark!! This has a really nice yellow undertone to it which I find hard to find in a lot of foundations so I fell in love when I saw the results. The pump is very controllable which I love and the product is on the liquidy side, but gives great full coverage! I see myself using this foundation without concealer and if I do need a little bit more coverage, I just run a little bit more of the foundation over my troubled areas. This gives you a semi-dewy finish so it's not too bad. I personally love this foundation and is my favorite from all the high end and drugstore foundations!

Saara Q.
Best foundation in the world!!!

It would be awesome if it wasn't $40 a bottle, but I guess every penny is worth it. I have a hard time finding foundations that have a warm undertone and I'm very yellow, so anyone who has a warm undertone with their skin, definitely look into this foundation. It's not heavy at all, and if you feel that this foundation is too sheer, you can always build up the coverage and it will deliver. :-)

Emily H.

I've always had to mix and blend different foundations to get my perfect match and in the end always felt like they were too heavy at times but this is beyond amazing! 153 Golden Honey was seriously dead on! I love that it's so light yet covers flawlessly. It's totally buildable so you have keep applying and still not feel like you have this layer of goop on your face. I personally apply it with my fingers and it just feels so soft and moisturizing. It literally lasts all day and gives my face an amazing glow all throughout. This will continue to be my foundation of choice! LOVE IT!