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Beauty Product Reviews

i love these little suckers. they are so pigmented and leave my lips so moisterised. its way way better than the loreal ones and the color range is awesome. i wear them everyday to work with just a light hand and if i want to wear it to go out then i add a heavier hand

i love it

True thr color pay off is not that great but i never use any liner without setting it anyways.but for the price it is a definite keeper. I always pick one or two up when i go to walgreens. The brown looks just like the black in my opinion so i just stick with black.

i love this primer

its really cheap and great for shadows and glitter. i love glitter so i use it mainly for that but it works great. really holds everything on for hours and doesnt cause creasing. its so sticky so anything you put on top isnt going anywhere until you wash it off

bought it yesterday

I read this article yesterday and ran out to get it at my drugstore. I used it at night to spot treat and used it today as well. It does get rid of redness... Can't wait to see more results.

the beauty blender came on the scene and made everyone leaves their brushes. i found this one at target and i have never used a foundation brush since. i love how it blends everything so seamslessly. its so easy to clean and doesnt tear even after washing it every week. so happy i found this at such a cheap price

my go to remover

this is the best remover i have ever tried. it doesnt burn my skin like some others and doesnt leave my skin greasy afterwards. it removes everything even the most stubborn waterproof mascaras that i love so much. its a great price for a great product. i just wish that the target wouldnt sell out so fast. i always have to buy them two at a time.

omg it burns

i wanted to try makeup cleansing towells and i saw so many gurus on youtube saying this was bomb. so i picked it up and omg my eyes burned so much. its not even funny. usually neutrogena doesnt irritate my sensitive skin but these made my face so irritated and red. my eyes even swelled up from the burning. i immediately stopped using them and my mother now uses them all the time. my sensitive skin is not for this product.

dont get it

i heard so many good things about this soap so i decided to try it since it says its good for sensitive skin. i tried it and i would always have to go in with another cleanser to really get my face clean. i would use this once, wash it off, use it again and wash it off and i would still feel like i had makeup on my face (yes, i used makeup remover before washing). the first time i used this soap i used a toner afterwards and saw that it didnt clean anything. i dont get the hype.... maybe its just me but it was completely useless

my first experience with mac shadow was brule. i used it everyday and i think thats what started my obsession with shadows (i used to just wear foundation and mascara :0). they are so pigmented and easy to blend out and i just love that you can pop them out and put them into a palette and not have them rollling all over the place.

everyday user

i fill in my eyebrows everyday because i have blad spots in them, not from overplucking, i was just born this way (i wish i had natural thick eyebrows). i use this gel after fillling them in to keep everything in place and it makes my brows pretty all day long. the only thing i dont like is that the brush pulls out so much product but a minor problem in this otherwise great gel.

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