INCOLOR Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner


Ashley C.
Whats not to love for $1.99!!

Im one of those girls who wakes up at the very last minute to go to work, i literally dont have time to use a fluidline. I have been purchasing these felt tip liners from my local walgreens for over a year now! I literally buy 2 at a time in both colors!

Its comes in a matte black and a medium matte brown. These glide on like butter, smooth and drys very very fast. I hardly have issues winging my liner with these pens, its simply and with one swipe your done! It really is that simple!! The only down fall is that you CANNOT store these upside down period, they will leak and get all over you fingers. I have had this happen with 2 different pens but by the time it does occur it been a few weeks and ill purchase a replacement. Regardless of the price this is still cheaper than my go to revlon felt tip liner so i will forever still keep this in my makeup stock!

How i use them is i apply this liner first it is a bit watery but drys fast and i either layer it on some more or put a liquid liner on top! Its a great base and since the felt tip liner is seriously to die for, it hyelps set the best winged liner for anyone!

I recommend anyone to try felt tip liners, they are soo much easier than liquid liner and do not make your lashes clump from over flow of liquid liner! a must have in makeup kits as well!

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Emma Kirstine K.
Better than most other pen-liners

Some times products aren't worth their price, that has been my experience with some higher end products. This is way cheaper than any of the Milani and Maybelline pen-liners, and actually much better. The last Milani liner I had dried out in a month with only a few uses :/ My first pen-liner from Maybelline lasted me nearly a half year, but the pigmentation was bad. Now I just got the new pen-liner MasterPrecise, because my Jordana Pen-liner has gotten a bit dry, after everyday use for around 5 months. I already miss using the FabuLiner, it's soo good, and so black, and amazingly long wearing. I'll get another one soon, because the Maybelline MasterPrecise isn't nearly as good as the FabuLiner. I'll recommend this for all, because of the price, quality and how easy it is to use :)

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Jessica M.
My holy grail liquid liner

This is my fave felt tip liner. I find it to be quite black, it's easy to use and dries quickly. It doesn't transfer anywhere, and super affordable. I love it

Gia B.
Can't Live Without It.

I accidentally stumbled across this liner a few years ago. I have probably tried EVERY liquid liner on the planet.

My felt tip from MAC dried out in a week. Thought it was defective, tried another. Same thing.

This is THE BEST felt tip I have found. I use it every day and have been using it for years now. Never once have I had one dry out, I usually replace it once a month since I use it so much.

Best 2 bucks I've spent in a long time!

Lexy E.

I have been using Stila's felt pen eyeliner and although very good, the cost outweighed the benefits. A cashier at my local Walgreens recommended this stuff and I am so glad she did! It goes on smooth, has great lasting color when applied with a shadow base and only costs like 2 bucks a pop. It isn't waterproof like the Stila eyeliner but I haven't had any issues with it running or smearing throughout the day. Highly recommend this product of you want the same look as expensive brands but don't want to pay the price!

Heidi R.

I absolutely love this liner! I wish I would have tried it sooner. The price is great and the quality of this liner is beyond amazing. I have no need for another liquid/marker liner.

Jennifer Z.
Love this stuff

I have this one in Black and I absolutely love it. Its my favorite liquid liner: easy to use, stays on all day, does not smear off, good pigmentation, only 2 bucks. My con would have to be that it dries out faster then a regular liquid liner (because of the felt-tip pen form) and that its only sold at Walgreens and only at the ones that have a makeup counter :/ but other then that for 2 bucks its not bad at all!! *tip: if you shake it well before each use you get the best pigmentation and it will last longer*

Logan S.
Perfection in a liquid liner.

I have an ongoing love affair with this product. I have used it for several years and have loved it since day one! It's so easy to use, no need to pull at your eyes for a smooth line or anything, and it's staying power is great!

Andrea T.
Love it!

I love this eyeliner. Its really dark, super easy to use, and the price is right. The color is really pigmented and doesn't fade. The pen doesnt dry out quickly either. Love it.

Jezika I.
Great Liner

I love this liner and have been using it for years now. For $1.99 I have to say I didn't expect much but was surprised it stays on all day and only takes seconds to apply. The felt tip makes it very easy to apply and control how thick you want your line. This eyeliner also doesn't flake which I have had problems with other liquid liners doing. This is one of my must have products and I always make sure I have backups.