INCOLOR Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner

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Jessica M.
My holy grail liquid liner

This is my fave felt tip liner. I find it to be quite black, it's easy to use and dries quickly. It doesn't transfer anywhere, and super affordable. I love it

Gia B.
Can't Live Without It.

I accidentally stumbled across this liner a few years ago. I have probably tried EVERY liquid liner on the planet.

My felt tip from MAC dried out in a week. Thought it was defective, tried another. Same thing.

This is THE BEST felt tip I have found. I use it every day and have been using it for years now. Never once have I had one dry out, I usually replace it once a month since I use it so much.

Best 2 bucks I've spent in a long time!

Bailey B.

If you forgot to bring an eyeliner when you went on vacation or happen to misplace yours, go ahead and pick this one up. Or even if your beginning into makeup, this isn't a bad start to experiment with. It's decent, the felt time allows for an easy and quick application. The color will last if you apply a prime on the lids before. Not waterproof. Not an intense color either, but it gets the job done. If you're looking for an everyday, intense black or brown liner, this is NOT the one for you. If you're looking for a softer, inexpensive liner, this would be a good try. Xx

Keisha W.
Am I missing something here?

I use black liner only occasionally when I wear false eyelashes but I prefer a dark brown liner on a everyday basis. I like very dark brown liners because they are a bit softer and work better for my skin tone. I've heard some rave reviews about this eyeliner's pigmentation. The Jordana brown I thought was going to be a dark brown as I saw in reviews online. But after buying it I found that it is watery, reddish and not pigmented at all! So my question is, did I receive a bad one or do I need to give some time and leave it stored upside down for a while; will the formula change? I heard somewhere that is what some people do.

Julianne J.
Good felt tip liner but not my thing, at least not yet.

My friend suggested this to me when I asked her what she used to do her awesome winged liner, about a year ago. She told me she got it from Walgreens, she loved it and swore by it, and told me I had to have it! When I got it I was under the impression the brand was called InColor and it was not until sort of recently I discovered it was Jordana brand- a brand I've been wanting to try out for awhile now- go figure, it was right under my nose all along. When I used it I didn't really like the marker feeling to it and much preferred my UD liquid liner that has a brush. My wings were wiggly wobbly so maybe I subconsciously wrote the liner off from there. I got the brown shade and while super pigmented and dark, I wish it looked more noticeably brown. Someday I might be more into pen liners and I might go back to these because they are GREAT if you're into pen liners. I had hung onto this for more than a year and swatched it from time to time to see when the ink ran out- and while it has a little now, it stayed wet for what seems like eons! If you keep it upside down you'll insure the liquid stays in the tip. Plus it was super pigmented, the cap shut tight, and it was cute looking.

So, I'm more of a brush liquid liner type, but I would definitely recommend, like my friend did, this liner to anyone that specifically prefers the pen-type of liquid liner, or noobies who are just starting to play with making wings. The price is right too! Just because I don't use it doesn't mean its a crappy product- its quite the opposite in fact!

Lexy E.

I have been using Stila's felt pen eyeliner and although very good, the cost outweighed the benefits. A cashier at my local Walgreens recommended this stuff and I am so glad she did! It goes on smooth, has great lasting color when applied with a shadow base and only costs like 2 bucks a pop. It isn't waterproof like the Stila eyeliner but I haven't had any issues with it running or smearing throughout the day. Highly recommend this product of you want the same look as expensive brands but don't want to pay the price!

Emma Kirstine K.
Better than most other pen-liners

Some times products aren't worth their price, that has been my experience with some higher end products. This is way cheaper than any of the Milani and Maybelline pen-liners, and actually much better. The last Milani liner I had dried out in a month with only a few uses :/ My first pen-liner from Maybelline lasted me nearly a half year, but the pigmentation was bad. Now I just got the new pen-liner MasterPrecise, because my Jordana Pen-liner has gotten a bit dry, after everyday use for around 5 months. I already miss using the FabuLiner, it's soo good, and so black, and amazingly long wearing. I'll get another one soon, because the Maybelline MasterPrecise isn't nearly as good as the FabuLiner. I'll recommend this for all, because of the price, quality and how easy it is to use :)

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Nikki N.
Recently discovered this little gem...

My problem with felt-tip liners has always been that the VERY tip of the felt tends to carry less and less of the actual product with time...I haven't experienced that yet with this one. For $1.99 @ Walgreens, i'm a happy camper :)

JaniceCourtney P.
My favourite liner!

I really love the felt tip on this! I can do the most perfect cat eyes from thin to super thick! It does dry out kinda fast but it's only 1.99 at Walgreen's so no biggie. The one draw back for me is, now during my allergies my eyes water and it doesn't come in waterproof. :( So I am looking for something similar in a waterproof formula. Any suggestions?

Miimi A.

Best eyeliner ever.. specially if you are new to the liquid eye liner concept is a good way to get used to it and practice the winged eye... Totally in love with it!!!