Beauty Product Reviews

Creamy and Consistent

I purchased Erase Paste a year ago and just hit pan yesterday - trust me when I say that a little goes a LONG way with this product! As promised, the concealer is thick and uber-creamy (wrinkles are inevitable), providing heavy coverage for those who need it. I warm it up between my fingers so that I can blend with ease and use less concealer in the process: The warmer it is, the easier it spreads! My only issue with this concealer is that it tends to melt away in the heat. Note to users: SET WITH POWDER.

Love Baby Lips!

I am obsessed with Baby Lips lip balm. The formula smells great and is super hydrating for up to four hours, depending on how often you smack your lips or lick them. Yes, they are a little pricey for a drugstore lip balm, but they are worth the cost for me. I'm even MORE obsessed with the Baby Lips Electro series - I bought all of them the second they went on sale!

Not Worth the Hype

The packaging is adorable, the scents are superb, but the balm itself? Lackluster. It felt like the balm was dragging the dryness out of my lips as I swiped it on, and didn't keep my lips moisturized at all. Maybe it's just my personal lip type (if those exist), but I'm sticking with my other lip balm.

In Highlighter Love

Benefit's Watt's Up! has joined my bag of beauty essentials. It gives me the perfect glow and lasts all day. It's definitely worth the price tag - a little goes a long way with this product. Also, it stays true to its cream-to-powder finish and doesn't feel oily on my skin! I'm in love with this stuff!

Perfect for Natural Look!

At first glance, this palette looks like a mini Naked palette. The six earthy shadows allow you to create the classic natural eye: (From left to right) The first two are highlighters, the middle two are for the main lid shade, and the final two are for lining/defining the eye. However, there is something about these shadows that separates Basics from Naked: They are all MATTE. Personally, I find that matte shadows create a more natural look than those with shine. Like its Naked predecessor, Basics is a must-have for any beauty belle, especially those who are constantly on-the-go.

A Decent BB for the $

I've been using Maybelline's BB cream for about four months now. At first, I thought it was the most amazing product ever invented - it evens my skin tone, moisturizes my skin and can also function as an adequate foundation primer. However, as more BB creams joined the market, I realized that Maybelline's BB cream doesn't perform as well as a BB cream necessarily should. Yes, it evens out my skin tone, but my skin honestly didn't benefit in any other way from the cream. Also, it isn't even a cream: It's more like a liquid. Finally, it provides little to no coverage, so for people with occasional acne (like me) your red spots will still show. If you have clear skin, Maybelline's BB cream is an excellent product to use when you want a lightweight, natural look, but don't expect any coverage.


I purchased this product on a whim while shopping in the Bahamas on vacation, and I'm so grateful that I did. My go-to blush has always been the Bene-tint Cheek Stain, because it's the only blush that lasts all day for me. I was hesitant to switch back to a powder blush, but this one happily surprised me: the pigment is strong enough to last all day, but not so strong that you can't choose how strong you want the color to be. I can go from a light daytime luster to a deep sparkling pink for nighttime. Overall, a long-lasting, fantastic blush! Worth the price!

Use to Refresh Skin, Not to Set Makeup.

I was talked into buying this at the MAC counter a few months ago. The lady told me to spray it on my face before applying makeup to prepare and refresh my skin, and to respray it after I finish my look in order to set my makeup. After using it for a good three months, I have found that it does refresh my skin - and smells fantastic - and having refreshed skin makes it easier for me to apply my foundation, but it proved to be disfunctional for me as a setting spray. The reason why I gave this product four stars instead of three is because I really do believe that it should be commended for its ability to calmly refresh and awaken the skin. I have really sensitive skin: I can only use oil-free products, and I always react when I start using a new foundation or concealer. The Fix+ spray did not make me react at all. If anything, I've noticed an improvement in my skin. I witnessed less dryness on my nose and forehead throughout the winter as well. To re-summarize, the Fix+ Spray is a great skin refresher, but not a good makeup-setter.

Heat = Tamed! :)

This spray not only protects my hair from the heat, but it dramatically made a difference in how soft my hair was after straightening it. My hair ended up smelling amazing, too! Love this product.

Love Me Some OPI!

I've always been faithful to OPI polish because it is an excellent quality polish with so many beautiful colors. The brush is nice and big, and almost all of the polishes glide on easily (the only exception being the Burlesque glitter polishes - I am doing a separate review on those devils!). The only problem I have with OPI is the price, which is a tad expensive.

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