Beauty Product Reviews

Let me explain simply how much I love this perfume...I told my best friend, at the time, that God forbid if I ever pass away, make sure they spray D&G Light Blue on my corpse prior to the funeral...when I meet my maker, I want to smell utterly divine :)

Urban Decay's eye shadows are by far the best!

This palette is beautiful. The pigmentation is out of this world. There are endless possibilities when using this palette. All the colors suit every skin tone. They blend easily. The texture is beautiful. You get a great bang for your buck here. I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone.

Almost as good as Urban Decay Primer Potion

I love this stuff when I don't feel like using UD or want to change it up. It is almost as good as UD but it creases faster. When I use UD, I can go to the club and dance the night away, come home and my eye makeup is still in tack. NYX last about 6 hours. It is still a good primer.

One of my top drugstore mascaras!

I love this mascara for volume. It gives great volume and it doesn't clump. I love the brush on it as well. I will warn those with small eyes, be very careful. Because of the fatter brush, those with smaller eyes may find the product might end up on their lids. However, for those with larger eyes, like myself, this mascara is perfect! I wouldn't recommend this mascara for length, however, if you want a killer smokey eye, this mascara delivers in the volume department :). I also have a couple reviews on it on my blog at

Great Affordable Brushes

I love all of EcoTools brushes. They are soft and they don't shed. They pick up a lot of product and are very versatile. I would definitely recommend these brushes to anyone.

Good Inexpensive Gel Liner

I would not say that this liner is the creme de la creme. However, it does work very well. It goes on smoothly. I don't care too much for the brush it came with. It is well pigmented and does last longer than most drug store brands. I have had it for a while and it hasn't dried out at all. I would definitely recommend this product because it budget friendly and it works very well :).

Everything you will need

I absolutely love this palette. I use it almost everyday. UD gives you a range of neutral shades for every skin tone. The golds and the pinks in this palette are my favorite. It is definitely worth the money spent on it. I use this palette a lot during my wedding makeup consultations and it never fails me. The shadows are super pigmented and the color pay off is phenomenal. One thing about this palette is it a bit lacking on the matte shades. Which could be a problem for some. I didn't mind it at all. I would definitely recommend this product. It is worth every dime.

Love the packaging and love the product in it....

When I go into Ulta, I always see these little adorable lip balms and I never picked one up until about one month ago. I absolutely love it. I love the smell. It really does smooth my lips and makes them uber soft. I will definitely buy this product again and it has become a must in my purse :).

Flawless Coverage

I love Revlon Colorstay. It is a staple in my kit. It is affordable and gives a flawless finish. The formula for combo/oily skin dries to a matte finish but doesn't look like a mask is on your face. It comes in a variety of colors which I appreciate since I am a woman of color and it is hard to find foundations that suit my skin tone. I have acne prone skin and the formula hasn't caused any breakouts. It is easy to remove with makeup remover. It last all day. I usually wear my makeup from about 6:00 in the morning to about 9:00 at night, and it last all day. A lot of makeup artists and YouTube gurus recommend this product and I do as well :).