Nuance by Salma Hayek

Jojoba Dual Phase Body Oil


Noelle M.
this saved my skin

I really believe this product helps my skin in a lot of ways, I have slight eczema, and I get hives from using body gel washes too often, I get really bad reactions to a lot of body products. And I have a love hate relationship with several lotions..they just don't sink in, or they leave this heavy residue on top of your skin and you feel sticky,etc. This product if applied on wet skin when you get out of the shower and rub it in, absorbs ASAP into your skin, which I love and then the need for lotion is obsolete. I literally do not have to apply anything else moisturizing to my skin after I use this. My body has 0 negative reactions to this product, theres a slight fragrance to it, but it doesn't stick around long, and it's completely not offensive, it's a super light smell, and its a good one too lol. But I love this oil, a little bit goes a long way, it lasts alllll day, and I love just using the oil and being done. Where I live it's been in the triple digits all summer, having this as my all over body moisturizer has been a life saver, even in the winter. I love it!