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Beauty Product Reviews

I have this product in infinite, and I love the color! The blue is amazing and vibrant. The staying power on this product is very true to what it claims. So much that it is hard to wash off even! The consistancy of this product is a little weird, it is very thick, and makes it streaky when applied. I do like this product for the price, staying power, and the amazing color.

I was super hesitant to try this because I am just over all wary of using a sponge for my foundation, but decided to give it a try anyway after hearing rave reviews on the beauty blender, but not wanting to spend that much. Turns out I ended up LOVING this more so than putting on my makeup with a brush. It gives a flawless airbrush finished, and it is so easy to use. This sponge does all of the work of blending for you so it is quick and easy. The downside is I do tend to have to use more product than I do with a brush, and also even though I wash it with soap after each use I still get a little wary of how clean it is getting inside the sponge.

I LOVE big shampoo from lush. First of all the smell is so amazing, its like beach in a bottle! A little goes a long way and as unexpected as it is, it really lathers up! It gives my hair a beautiful and soft shine as well as body. The one down side to this shampoo is it does strip hair color.

I got this brush on clearance at target for like 50 cents and I have to say I use it all the time. I just figured when I got it at 50 cents you really can't have too many eye shadow brushes. I was not disappointed at all. It is super soft, but dense enough to really pick up and pack on color, and it doesn't shed! Great product especially for the price.

I really wanted to like this product, because I do love a lot of ELF products, but unfortunately this one was a miss. Even for a dollar it isn't worth it. I tried it once and haven't touched it since. The marker tip was all not very straight it was kind of bent at the very tip, it was impossible to make a good even line with this. It is almost as if the tip is too dry.

I love this book of shadows, it is the only one I own from Urban Decay and it is great! All of the colors have great pay off with little to no fall out except for the ones with the chunky glitter. They also have great staying power!

This was one of the first Lush products I ever purchased and it has been one of my favorite scents/soaps/lush products ever. it is such a delicious honey toffee smell. It makes my skin so soft and the smell stays on your skin for awhile!

This is my go to blush and bronzer. The bronzer is the perfect color my skin tone, and I use it everyday. The blush is also great on my skin tone, it is my most used blush, I use it almost everyday unless I on the occasion feel like switching up my look. The product has great pay off and lasts all day!

I really didn't like the way these shatter polishes turned out. The shatter never turns out like the photos, it never turns out to a pretty shatter, and it takes practice to use the right amount of product to get the shatter effect.

I love this brand of polishes, they are much less expensive than other popular brands, there are lots of colors to choose from, and they wear great! The formula's are smooth and don't take too many coats for an opaque finish.

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