Beauty Product Reviews

hate it!!!!

i must be the only person who hates this base coat! it doesn't just chip the polish but actually makes it peel clean straight of the nail after only a couple hours of wear. it applies really watery, but does dry leaving a nice natural looking nail. that is about the only good thing.

GNP 10

I have been looking for a opaque nude polish for years now, all the ones i have tried are runny or i can see my nail through it as well as being too brown or pink. barry m gelly hi-shine nail paint in GNP 10 is exactly what i have been looking for and i have been wearing it as much as possible! On a side note i am not to keen on the other colours, just because i feel like they are very similar to others in my collection and are nothing special.

love them!

a few months ago these brilliant polishes were finally brought to the uk and are now sold in boots for only £1.99. these are my new favourite brand, with the amazing colour range that are perfect in two coats. my nails are very weak and do peal, so nail polish usually only lasts a few days on my nails, or less, these however last a hole 5 days before i get bored and want to paint my nails again :)!!!


any time i get a Clinique product i always get this as a sample so i never need to buy it. it is my favourite mascara of all time. it adds length which i like, but still looks natural which i love. it is not clumpy at all. love love LOVE!

love the colours and they last for a long time some also look amazing with just one coat. but they are expensive. i recommend buying while they have a sale. this is my favourite colour Victory x

waste of money

the first time i used this it ruined my nail design. i then tried it with just one colour on my nails and yes it did look shiny and it did dry fast but the day after, the nail polish peeled of in one go. it has never done that before when i use other top coats

I love barry m nail paints. They take up most of my collection just because they are so cheap and there is a huge variety of colours. Some colours only need one coat like my favourite one right red.

great range of colours!

i only have a few colours. My opinion they are expensive. But if there is a colour that i have wanted for a while and can't find, then OPI will have it, because of their wide selection of colours. I can't live without the base and top coat and the cheap brand polishes will last when you use them.