Sally Hansen

Mega Shine Extended Wear Top Coat


Dannie O.
Such a good top coat!
Photo of product included with review by Dannie O.

One of the best top coats I have used. This picture is over the top of Essie's 'mojito madness'. It makes the polish last longer and adds a real shine!

Glitterface x.
reacts weird with glitter

I found this top coat very strange. On top of a plain colour it's SUPER shiny.. but when I applied it as a top coat over glitter, it actually turned the whole nail matt! It has done this every time I've tried using it with glitter. I don't understand how or why but I think it's a reaction that happens when the layer of polish applied is too think (or something like that) that's the only explination I could come up with. In a nutshell, I wouldn't buy this polish again.

Eliza H.

I would have thought being "Mega Shine" it would have been more shiney than the usual top coat but I see no difference in the perspective. Smudges designs when applied and is really nothing special at all.

Eliza W.
Only okay.

It really does have a good shine, and will smooth down any rough glitter! However, if I'm doing an intricate nail art design, it will smudge it. And I can't help feeling that with some of my more high quality polishes, they may actually last longer without this.

Dangerously E.
Best pharmacie top coat

i love this top coat!!! it seals every thing on top even the giltter is smooth!, it dries quick ,very smooth and shinny, shinny , shinny! everyone always thinks i have gel on my nails. when using this product i always use a clear base coat as an under base and as a top coat to seal it well! (product works amazing doing it like this),, then i use the mega shine last on top of everything. so itss 2 top coats i have on in the end. Don;t use this as a base as your nail poslish will peel right off! best ever and affordable:):)

Madeleine O.
waste of money

the first time i used this it ruined my nail design. i then tried it with just one colour on my nails and yes it did look shiny and it did dry fast but the day after, the nail polish peeled of in one go. it has never done that before when i use other top coats

Christina P.
Love It

This stuff is genius. It drys fast and it leaves the nails so shiny. I just put it on last night but I didnt have to wait 5 minutes for my nails to dry. I purchased it from my local CVS for 7.49 but it was well worth it.