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Don't underestimate this product!

I am presently surprised by this product! Drugstore items are RAPIDLY replacing my high end products! This felt-tip eyeliner is definitely one of the blackest liquid eyeliners I have used. It is not necessarily waterproof, though.. moreso water resistant. It does not run, though, and it's not one of those watery felt-tip liners like a lot of similar drugstore products!

The tip is very defined which makes dramatic cat eyes & this product a match made in heaven. The felt tip is also much more forgiving than a brush liquid eyeliner. As long as you have a somewhat steady hand you're good to go with this! Give it a try... with a pricepoint this low, what's the worst that can happen... other than you LOVING it!! ;-)

Can be drying, so take it slow!

I love this product and my acne would be crazy without it! However, I can only use it during the day. I wash my face with it only in the morning and use juicebeauty cleanser at night to avoid from having dry, flaky skin! Pick the regimen that your face tells you works best! Remember, dry skin over-produces oil so make sure you know the difference in your skin! :)

Great Iron!

I love that this curling rod has so many different sized rods! I would SERIOUSLY recommend using the glove until you are comfortable with the rod. I have a burn scar on my neck that you'd never believe. For the perfect waves use the bigger rod, and for tighter waves use the smaller or tapered rod. Also, point the rod downwards to make it easier to release the curl when you're ready. Overall, this is a great product and worth the money!

  • 8.0

Buildable, natural foundation

I have been LOVING this foundation! It is so natural feeling that I forget I even applied foundation! One pump is enough to have light/medium coverage on your face, but another half pump gives fuller coverage! It works wonderfully with my oily skin & I think I've found my HG foundation finally!!!

I apply mine with a beauty blender and it gives me an airbrush finish! Sheesh, man.. I could go on and on with how amazing this product is. At the very least, get a sample at Sephora and try it out! You'll be hooked!


This nail polish effect was super easy to achieve. Paint one coat on all of your nails and let it dry, then add a second coat and put the magnet over your nail (using the cuticle guide) for about 10 seconds. Make sure the second coat is thick enough to actually move when you put the magnet over your nail! Easy as pie! Love this product!!! Just wouldn't mind if it was a little cheaper!

Total Fail.... BROKE ME OUT!

I had high hopes for this primer since I have sensitive, acne prone skin... this seemed to have all the qualities I needed. Well, I tried it once.... after my face started tingling, I broke out like CRAZY! Instead of minimizing redness it created it... it reminds me of smash box photo finish primer (which also broke me out). I'll stick to my holy grail primer from Benefit, The POREfessional.

Perfect dupe!

These are the perfect dupe to Tarte's LipSurgence Lip Stains. They are extremely moisturizing and the perfect pigment. The color is build-able, so it can be as sheer or as intense as you would like! Once the color stains & sets, it lasts for at least 4hrs... that I've tested! I pray that these are permanent because I will never buy another LipSurgence stain again... They are amazing!

Oh, and they have that mint tingle, too!

Love "bust out"

This lipstick is so moisturizing and perfectly pigmented! I think if it was too opaque it wouldn't be wearable... It gives a buildable color that is just amazing! If you can find this in a CCO I would recommend picking it up!

Strong, powerful, and commanding!

Let's just start by saying this isn't a daytime fragrance! (in my opinion) It's very strong, but perfect for a night on the town! It's long lasting and worth the price tag! The only thing I can suggest is to go to sephora.. get a sample... wear it for a few hours, and see how it mixes with your natural scent! It will smell different on different people!

Great polish!!

I got this polish in a glam bag and loved it as soon as I saw the color! Even better, though, was the application of this polish! It didn't bubble or show up with brush strokes and I only needed 1-2 coats! I wish the brush was a little bigger and the price tag was a little smaller! Overall, this is an awesome, quality product!

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