Clarifying Cleanser


Katherine E.

This cleanser is great when your skin is oily. I only use this cleanser once a day at most, otherwise it can be drying. It feels refreshing, and like the Clarifying Mask, brightens my skin after use. I will repurchase this cleanser.

Althea N.
Can be drying, so take it slow!

I love this product and my acne would be crazy without it! However, I can only use it during the day. I wash my face with it only in the morning and use juicebeauty cleanser at night to avoid from having dry, flaky skin! Pick the regimen that your face tells you works best! Remember, dry skin over-produces oil so make sure you know the difference in your skin! :)

Jenny L.

I got this product as a trial size for bad Midwest summers where you have to wash your face before redoing your makeup in the sweltering heat. I used a great moisturizer with it so I never got the drying part, but the smell and refreshing feeling is wonderful. If it wasn't so expensive I would've replaced my Proactiv with it. I'll keep it in my kit as a trial size though.

Joia C.

I have really oily and acne prone skin. This product has worked the best at clearing my skin and preventing acne. It was a little drying but most acne cleansers are. I like the texture of the product as well as the scent. It also has a cool feeling on the skin. After using this product for 30 days I was comfortable going out of the house w.o makeup which is something I never did.

Lauren C.

made my skin feel clear and clean..but i still had acne...the scent is fine, but the product itself dried out my skin..forcing me to use their moisturizer which made my skin oily...i wasnt happy