Professional Digital 4-in-1 Ceramic and Tourmaline Clipless Curling Iron Set


Chelsea R.
Best investment I have ever made!

This thing is freaking awesome! I use this all the time-I literally have been able to get rid of all my other irons. The 2 in is my personal favorite-it makes perfect beachy wave curls. If I curl my hair with a heat protectant and hair spray this lasts me two or three days. Best wand ever.

Theresa G.

I bought this about a year and a half ago and it it functions like the first time I ever used it! I was hesitant on splurging on a curling iron set but it is 100% worth the buy. The fact that you have basically 4 curling irons in one and works amazingly on my hair. I have a good amount of hair and its pretty long and I can curl everything in 20 minutes. Highly recommend this. Worth the splurge.

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Cristina S.

I love this wand. I have used it several time I've had it for a few months now. I love how I can change the size of the wand depending on the curl I'm going for. The curl does last long on my hair around 4 hours without hairspray and more than 7 with. I truely do recommend it. I'm also glad it came with a heat glove!

Ashtyn S.
I was never able to curl my hair until now!

I have very thin, fine hair and it was never able to hold a curl with any size iron i bought. I tried at least four before i decided to invest in this one. It's a little pricey but so worth it. My curls last me two days now! I love having the option to switch out sizes instead of having to collect various irons. I have had my cortex for quite a while and it still works like new! LOVE

Althea N.
Great Iron!

I love that this curling rod has so many different sized rods! I would SERIOUSLY recommend using the glove until you are comfortable with the rod. I have a burn scar on my neck that you'd never believe. For the perfect waves use the bigger rod, and for tighter waves use the smaller or tapered rod. Also, point the rod downwards to make it easier to release the curl when you're ready. Overall, this is a great product and worth the money!

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Alexandra J.
I will never use anything else!

I'm loving my Cortex clipless curling iron. My curls last all day AND even the next day. The set comes with four interchangeable wands, a carrying case, and a glove, which helps but my hand still gets hot. The wand itself gets extremely hot. I only go up to 390 degrees. I've tried other curling tools, but none have held my curl like this one. I'm so happy I bought the Cortex, I absolutely love it.

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