Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner


Kathleen  H.
Very Disappointed

I heard good things about this eyeliner and I purchased it. I applied it the day before yesterday before work. About and hour or so later, my eyes began to itch and burn. It was so bad that I threw it in the trash! The color was ok, I've seen better. The applicator was a nice shape with a perfect point, but it was very stiff which made it hard to "flick" to create a wing. Aside from it irritating my eyes, perhaps I would've given it another shot. I do not recommend this product.

Isabel E.

By far is the best liquid I have used. I've used a lot if liquid eye liners in my past and I seem to continuously come back to this one. I usually do my eyeliner with gel or eye shadow, but when I'm in a hurry, I use this product. It's so easy to apply. It's so pigmented. It's just amazing! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Raven N.
Good application, not black enough

So I heard good things about this and I love this style of eyeliner. And after reading the reviews on here I am thinking I may have gotten a dud. The tip is super pointy and it is so perfect for doing a wing. It was easy as pie with this pen liner. BUT mine is NOT blackest black! It was black but kind of sheer. I let it dry and went over it again 3 times and I still felt like it wasn't fully dark black. It is almost matte though. Huge let down by the product but the application is great. It isn't bad enough to throw away by any means but I wish it was really dark!

Jessica E.

So easy to use and super black. I was shocked of the lasting power and pigmentation of this product. Its honestly soooo good and I like it way better then the mac felt tip liner. This eyeliner has a very precise tip for a precise wing, and its thin enough to make the most delicate line. I recommend this to anyone thats looking for a great drugstore liquid liner! Deff beats higher end ones.

Althea N.
Don't underestimate this product!

I am presently surprised by this product! Drugstore items are RAPIDLY replacing my high end products! This felt-tip eyeliner is definitely one of the blackest liquid eyeliners I have used. It is not necessarily waterproof, though.. moreso water resistant. It does not run, though, and it's not one of those watery felt-tip liners like a lot of similar drugstore products!

The tip is very defined which makes dramatic cat eyes & this product a match made in heaven. The felt tip is also much more forgiving than a brush liquid eyeliner. As long as you have a somewhat steady hand you're good to go with this! Give it a try... with a pricepoint this low, what's the worst that can happen... other than you LOVING it!! ;-)