Dolce & Gabbana

The One


Melanie R.

This is a very strong perfume. I recommend it for night time. It is very long lasting. I will recommend you to get a sample first and see how it smells mixed with your natural body scent. When i first smelled it i was in love... but i made the mistake and bought it without trying it on first and ended up not smelling as good as i thought...

Xiomara R.

I bought this perfume and ran out! I love it so much. It's such a pleasant mixture of sweet with gardenia tones and isn't overpowering. It lasts all day too. When I ran out, I went ahead and bout 'Rose The One'.

Althea N.
Strong, powerful, and commanding!

Let's just start by saying this isn't a daytime fragrance! (in my opinion) It's very strong, but perfect for a night on the town! It's long lasting and worth the price tag! The only thing I can suggest is to go to sephora.. get a sample... wear it for a few hours, and see how it mixes with your natural scent! It will smell different on different people!

T-Anna M.

I get compliments about this fragrance daily! Its not too heavy but it just lingers long enough to be pleasent as opposed to being over whelming like some scents can be! My boyfriend bought me the pack with the roller ball and lotion and I haven't even had a chance to dig into those yet still going strong with the first bottle! Worth every penny ! and you really don't need more than one sprits in the morning before you head off to start your glamourous day!;)

Yasuko S.

First I wasn't too sure with the scents since it is quite strong.. but man! now I can't live without this perfume! It smells gorgeous, it lingers like.. forever on you, and people love it! I always, like literally always get asked every time I use this. You will get many compliments, for sure :) I love it!!! Repurchasing second bottle soon! Worth the money! x

Nadia N.

I had a sample of this perfume and I loved it so much I used it up (sad face time). It smells different on everyone which I like and it had a stronger scent on me which I liked. My friends all would ask what scent I was wearing and I got many compliments. Oh how I wish it wasn't over $50.

Leslie J.
Men's Cologne

I brought The One for me for my husband on his Birthday. I must say that I am in love with this fragance. It smells like it can be a unisex fragrance and I am not sure if that's what they intended! LOL I think I wear this more than he does. I usually pair it with Forever Sunshine from Bath and Body Works and it smells delicious!