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Only good for a few days

I was so obsessed with these for a while, but now? Not so much. More like not at all. These aren't exactly the brightest, most vibrant cream shadows I've ever used, which in itself isn't a huge issue, but the commercial seems like you're buying a little pot of neon paint. My biggest gripe about these is actually that they dry out, and they dry out BAD. Fierce and Tangy was by far one of my favorites because once it was on, it really wasn't that bright, but it was amazing to layer under warm-toned powder shadows that were a bit too light. After a couple of weeks they were absolutely too dry to use. I don't know why I haven't chucked all of mine yet, maybe I'm holding out in case something can fix them, but for now they're just gathering dust.

Hmmm... I think I like you

Pros 1) Lightweight -- If you hate the feeling of super heavy, cakey, thick foundation, you'll love this formula. When you pour this from the bottle you'll immediately see that it's pretty thin which gives that feeling that you're not wearing makeup

2) Coverage -- This foundations is VERY buildable. The coverage can actually be pretty intense if you want to build it up. The buildable coverage + the thin formula makes it very comfortable to get full coverage too.

3) Color Range -- I always struggle to find something that matches me perfectly. Some foundations are too red, too yellow, too dark, too ashy, etc. I can pretty much wear any of the 7's at different times of the year.

CONS 1) Longevity -- I do live in South Texas, so humidity here is kind of rough during the summer, but I always feel like towards the end of the day my face gets oily and I don't want to touch it because I'll start getting makeup on EVERYTHING.

2) Thin formula -- I know this is what gives it the lightweight feeling, but if you're not careful this will show ALL the texture on your skin. I absolutely MUST exfoliate before I use this or else I see all the little pores across my nose.

Overall, I really like this foundation. This could definitely be my go-to foundation if I find a primer to go with it. Anything that can both smooth and mattify really well would really push this into HG status. On its own, it's okay.

There's nothing I can find wrong about this lip liner. It's pigmented, soft, smooth, and doesn't tug when you apply it. It's one of my favorite lip liners because it lasts all day and if you want to keep things minimal, you can even apply this all over your lips, top it with a gloss, and you've got the longest lasting color you could imagine.

Where have you been all my life???

This blush is surprisingly amazing. Super pigmented, super soft and smooth, blends like a dream, not streaky, wears all day, and it's so cheap!! I love the colors and I'm on the hunt for them all.

Can't believe this is a drugstore product

I don't even know where to begin with this product. The packaging is really sleek and skinny, perfect for on the go (whether you have a giant Mary Poppins bag like me or a super flat clutch). The applicator is probably my favorite feature of this (and the reason why I'll be buying every color). The applicator is sort of shaped like an hour glass with a rounded tip. I love this so much more than traditional doe-foot applicators because you have so much more control over how much product you apply. Doe-feet don't tend to pick up very much gloss so you end up wiping a lot of your lipstick off as you apply your gloss. This applicator is awesome because it absorbs a good amount of product and you can adjust how much goes onto your lips by pressing a bit harder. This is reminds me a lot of the applicator on Sephora's Ultra Shine Lip Gloss, which I also love. Then when it comes down to the product itself, I'm in love too. It's not so shiny that it looks gross and gooey, the color has such an impact, so vibrant, but not quite completely opaque. You'll definitely be able to tell the glosses apart when they're on your lips. The only mini gripe I have is that it doesn't feel like it lasts terribly long. Maybe it's because the product isn't very thick and sticky, but overall I really love this lip gloss and I'll definitely be hoarding all of them.

dry and gritty

A few months ago I was obsessed with purple blush, so I ran out to Sephora to find one. I picked this up in Blushing Bride, but I haven't really been wowed by it. The texture feels really dry (even for a powder product), the shimmer/glitter is pretty chunky, which you definitely feel, and the color payoff isn't really all that spectacular. It is a pretty color and if you're willing to do some layering this will end up being a great blush.

Pro Longwear, I hate that I love you

I've got such mixed feelings about this foundation. I love the semi-matte finish, I love the texture it gives my skin, and I love how long wearing it is (I feel like I could swim with this on). But as far as trying to blend this? No. Freaking. Way. Every time I put this to my skin I feel like a bomb is about to go off. This sets so fast I get panicked! If you don't blend it out quick, you're left with streaks and patches that won't budge. It's such a shame, but I always try to work through it. Also, I sort of feel that it runs a little more yellow than normal. Normally that's not a problem for me in the winter because that's when the yellow REALLY comes out in my skin, but now that it's summer I don't have that "I'm dying of jaundice" look anymore. Not sure if I'd buy this again.

Just a dab will do ya

One of my biggest gripes about shampoo is that so many tend to be so thin and watery. Such a waste! When most shampoos tell me to use a dime size, I laugh. Ha! How much am I supposed to do when I'm done washing my bangs then?? The first time I used this I used quite a bit and I was so blown away by how far it went. It really did leave my hair feeling clean, not stripped. It has no sulfates so it's perfect if you've colored your hair, if you have a keratin smoothing treatment (like the Brazilian Blow-Out) or if you just want to be especially gentle with it. Plus it smells pretty, so you kinda can't go wrong. (PS-- don't be scared of the price plus the size of the bottle, a little bit really does go a long way)

A bit too much shimmer

I remember when I was going through a phase where I loved super dewy looking foundation. I tried a slightly shimmery foundation primer, Maybelline's Fit Me foundation, and I used this powder to set it all. I took a picture a few hours later and it looked like I'd just run up 20 flights of stairs. I've never looked so sweaty. The powder doesn't do very well at absorbing oil because the more you apply, the worse you look. It's also pretty rough feeling in the pan so I wish the texture were a little bit more smooth. I almost feel like if you were to grind this up it might end up a pretty highlighter. Unfortunately I just tossed mine out of frustration.

My HG eyeliner

This has really become my go-to liquid liner for everyday and I get the blackest shade that I can figure out (anybody else sick of brands having like 7 different shades of black?? I understand black brown, but I'm so lost when it comes to Carbon Black vs Extreme Black, vs Mega Ulta Black Hole Black). The applicator is everything I look for, it's sturdy enough to give even lines, fine enough to do the TEENIEST detail work, and it holds just enough product that a fresh bottle can let me line and wing my liner with one dip. It dries down nice and matte, very dark, and it doesn't budge. Love love love!

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