Hydrate Shampoo


Kaytlin B.
Best thing I've ever done for my hair

I love this product so much. My hair is curly, thick, nappy, and frizzy. It's totally worth the price. My hair is so much more manageable and feels fantastic. Gives a great clean and it's soft. Soft!! My hair has never felt the way it does with Pureology. Highly recommend.

Kayla L.
Feels great on the locks!

I absolutely love this shampoo! The first time I tried it I noticed that my hair felt super hydrated. Even the next day I could still smell the scent of Pureology lingering as well as its manageability!! I recommend this to anyone looking for a moisturizing, good smelling, and manageable shampoo/conditioner!

Candace P.

This vegan shampoo is to die for! It smells amazing and provides the extra moisturizer needed in the winter. Ever since I switched to this shampoo, my hair has been growing and becoming healthier. Bonus, the extra moisture doesn't weigh your hair down like some other brands.

Dominika D.
Great for blondes!

I heard some buzz about this product, but didn't believe the hype until now. The shampoo is definfately the must-have. Purple shampoos help blonde tones stay vibrant- not brassy. So this is a great one for bleach blondes. The only "scary" part about this shampoo was the tingling sensation. I didn't know if my hair was falling out, or if it's just meant to do that. But the minty scent is really lovely and fresh for summer. Will re-purchase.

Miss Manny S.
Just a dab will do ya

One of my biggest gripes about shampoo is that so many tend to be so thin and watery. Such a waste! When most shampoos tell me to use a dime size, I laugh. Ha! How much am I supposed to do when I'm done washing my bangs then?? The first time I used this I used quite a bit and I was so blown away by how far it went. It really did leave my hair feeling clean, not stripped. It has no sulfates so it's perfect if you've colored your hair, if you have a keratin smoothing treatment (like the Brazilian Blow-Out) or if you just want to be especially gentle with it. Plus it smells pretty, so you kinda can't go wrong. (PS-- don't be scared of the price plus the size of the bottle, a little bit really does go a long way)

Grace M.

This shampoo will give you the best clean. I recommend for thick oily hair types. This herbal shampoo also makes and irritated scalp feel nice. The lather smell is a bit strong in a musk herbal way. But once the hair is blown out the hair has barely any smell at all. Just clean with on left over fragrance.