Straight Talk: Would you try this Korean eyebrow trend?


Move over, France. South Korea has quickly become one of the biggest players on the international beauty scene. From BB cream to snail slime to sheet masks, there’s no shortage of Korean exports that have taken the world’s cosmetics aisles by storm. And while certain trends may never catch on like they did in Seoul (we’re looking at you, gradient lips), we were delighted to come across beauty blogger RAEview’s video on a K-beauty look that seems destined to outlive the hype: straight eyebrows.

In her video tutorial, RAEview walks us through the process of transforming our power arches into soft, straight-across brows that add youthfulness to the face. By carefully shaping individual hairs and minimizing sharp angles with concealer, she tackles the trend in a way that’s easy for anyone to follow. Ready to set your brows straight? Grab the supplies below and click on the video to see the tutorial.

To follow along with RAEview, you’ll need these items:

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