Beauty Product Reviews

The best!

Best of its kind! Recieved the stylist choice awards 11 years in a row.

Use instead of a conditioner. Hair feels stronger and more smoothe after first use.

PS: Works better under heat. Wrap a towel around your head, the heat will let it penetrate deeper.

Amazing eye candy from chanel! Great as primers, great as liners, great as highlighers.

I find it easier to work with using my fingers. I feel if I warm the product up it's easier to blend propperly.

If you're going to use this in combination with a powder eyeshadow, I would recommend using the cream first.

If you want a toner that takes care of excess oils, and that you really feel it working, this is the toner for you!

Good for all skin types.

Another great thing about clinique is that you can often get great deals. Like double sizes for the same price and so on! So always look for the big bottles and compare prices.

This foundation looks super natural, it has decent coverage and feels light on the skin. It has a satin finish, Good for dry/combination/normal skin. Tends to get oily. A good powder fixes that though.

All in all this is an amazing foundation, one of my top ones, next to Pro Lumiere. (Which has just been discontinued).

Great mascara

This mascara has a quite dry formula, which is great if you have thin lashes and/or not as much lashes. It's also easy to build. Most sold mascara world wide, for a reason!

But then again, alot comes down to what your used to, and what suits your lashes.

The good thing about this foundation is that it melts into your skin, blends with your natural oils, and looks super natural. However it doesn't contain talc, so it's not gonna absorb oils as much. But you fix that by simply applying a powder on top.

I use this ontop of my fluid foundation for extra coverage.

Great product for the price. You get more than you pay for :p The pigmentation is ok, better in some, less in others. But that's really no problem, you can just build a thicker layer.

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase, and I'm definately buying more palettes.