HYPNÔSE - Custom Volume Mascara

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Darilynn T.
The Holy Grail

I've tried 90% of the mascaras out there, it's the one product I can't live without. I have not tried anything better than Hypnose! It's the only mascara I always have on hand. It goes on perfectly creamy, and you can layer it to go from sweet to va-va-voom! You get a perfect amount on the brush, it doesn't clump, smear or flake. Washes off easily with soap and water.

Robert Ivan L.
Great mascara

This mascara has a quite dry formula, which is great if you have thin lashes and/or not as much lashes. It's also easy to build. Most sold mascara world wide, for a reason!

But then again, alot comes down to what your used to, and what suits your lashes.

Laura O.

I purchased this recently but I loved it right away. I have the waterproof formula because my lashes are really flat. My lashes looked absolutely beautiful! I really like the natural look and this is great for that, the lashes look extra longer even though they don't look thicker with the first coat. Overall this has become in my new HG mascara :D

Iga K.

I love how it lengthens my lashes and curles them in the right angle. Though it does take a 2-3 coats to make your lashes really thick, but if you like natural look then this mascara is perfect for you.

Julia R.

HG!! I absolutely love this mascara. I had heard a lot about it, and wanted to invest in something with prestige to make my itty bitty lashes visible. I wanted to try it at the Lancome counter at my local Macy's but the tube was dried up, so I went out on a limb and purchased it anyway.

I immediately noticed how large the tube is. Because there's so much product in it, I can (sort of) justify buying it for US$25. When I applied it, I literally said "wow!" because of the fluid application; the formula goes on so smoothly (not great if you complain about "wet" mascaras, even though this dries nicely without smudging/flaking at all, or giving your lashes a crispy feeling--it feels very natural). Also, without curling my invisible lashes, this product makes them longer and a little more dense. With a curler, they're mind-blowingly improved. Hypnose also wears for an incredibly long time; I have the not-waterproof formula and it still lasts me a little into the next day.Apart from the fabulous formula and texture, the wand is also perfect: not too large, or small, shaped normally, the bristles aren't too thick or far apart.

I'm absolutely in love with this product. I've had it for three months with almost daily wear and there is still plenty in the tube, and it has not dried out at all. But when the time comes, I will definitely repurchase, over and over again. <3

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