Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow


Samantha K.

These are a goldmine. I know, 36 dollars for one of those pots is pretty steep. I've owned mine since the release and I still have not made a dent into mine, and I use them everyday. I bought Illusoire, Epatant, Mirifique, Emerveille, and Ebloui. I didn't buy Fantasme at the time because I didn't think I would use it as much, and boy am I kicking myself right now. Fantasme is still sold out nationwide, and that is really crappy. You DO want to make sure to NOT leave the pot open as you work on your eyes, because the contents will dry and shrink. So please, please, PLEASE make sure you are closing the pots nice and tight. You can apply with fingers, quickshadow brush, and I use a combination of both. Unlike other cream shadows, these are nice because you can blend right away with your regular shadows. You don't have a time limit like the MUFE colors, and they give LONG lasting shimmer and color all day. They are buildable, and can be used as liners. If your looking to treat yourself, I say you induldge in Chanel and buy these little miracle workers.

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Thalia M.

I was really interested in these shadows - they're not a powder or a cream, but a gel - it takes a little practice to get used to the texture and figure out the best way to work with the product. I find this works well with a flat stiff brush - I use my MAC 239 to sweep the color all over my lid. The salesgirl told me that she uses multiple colors together on her eye. I haven't tried blending them together, but they do blend beautifully with powder shadows, over a primer. These have a lot of shimmer. While I am sometimes turned off by that, the shimmer is sheer and iridescent - really beautiful when it catches the light. You really don't need a lot of product for each use - they go on smooth and can be buffed out easily. They are meant to build, so they can be a sheer wash of color or a strong statement. I have the red color - Ebloui - and, with a light layer, can easily pass for a simple day look or be used for a dramatic eye. At $36 they are pricey, but there's a lot of product in there - .14 oz (about as much as a MAC Fluidline pot). I want more, but the price is holding me off.

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Cami F.
Gorgeous, gorgeous product!

I have been so blown away by these cream eyeshadows. I tried my Aunt's a while back and upon trying it, knew I needed my own. I picked up Fantasme and it is such a lovely shade. I lovely popping it over eyeshadow for a beautiful glitter effect. I also love wetting my brush and applying it all over the lid for an opaque, reflective foil type effect. It truly is a lovely product. They feel amazing, last forever, and the glitters in them are divine. Nothing compares.

Gabriela C.
Favorite for shimmery effect

This eyeshadow is silicone-based which can throw some people off. Once you realize that it is NOT the buttery smooth type of cream shadows that are out there then it's easier to deal with. Use an eyeshadow primer the apply a small amount of the Illusion D' Ombre on the back of your hand. Close the container tight. Then apply the shadow with a brush or fingertips using a series of small amounts. Layering is key. You can use this color (Fantasme) over any shadow to make it more shimmery. It is white in the container but opaque on the skin. You can pat it onto the cheekbones for highlight. You can also use the brush that it comes with to draw a line around the eye, even blending it into an eyeliner to give it some sparkle. LOVE THIS.

Aga K.

im in love with all of them !!!!! they are great as a base or by it self , very long wear !i usaly use my finger insted of a brush , gives me more control of the produckt , i love blending them together ,

Neala B.

Ultra rich, ultra luxurious eye shadows. I have three out of the six. The texture of these shadows are like nothing else I own. Although expensive, they are worth it me becuase the colour pay-off is intense without any primer or cream base colour needed. If any more come out in this range I'll be purchasing them as they worth the investment and can be used in a variety of looks.

Carmella P.

i personally own 83 illusoire which is a mauve/purple/taupe color. I have worn this with just mac's cork and tete a tint in the crease and got so many compliments. i also wear it with some black tied and carbon and it looks like a million bucks! i don't care for the brush that comes with it. it makes the product ball up and i end up wasting product rather than getting it on my eye. i use a spatula or a small concealer brush to get product out, i also apply with a shader or concealer brush, fingers work well too. i blend with mac 217 if needed. i recently just purchased 85 mirifique thinking that i could make an excellent new years look but it seemed trickier to work with because it is a dark color. i wanted to return it but now i am having second thoughts. i could probably use it as a base for sugarpill's stella loose shadow.

i have worn this shadow all day long, a little goes a long way and if you have oily lids like me, i would put an eyeshadow base. i use nars eyeshadow base and it works really well.

Ariane C.
so amazing

I am IN LOVE with these. They are super long lasting on my oily lids, even if I don't use primer. The colours are so beautiful. I love the texture and they blend like a dream. Everyone needs at least one of these in their collection!

Shannyn C.

I was hesitant to buy this at first because it's $36, but I'm SO glad I did! I have the color #85 "Mirifique" which is a GORGEOUS black with multicolored shimmer. It applies like a dream whether you use your finger or a brush. I've used it as both a shadow & a liner. I don't put anything over it because the color is that beautiful. Lasts all day. Can't wait to try the rest! Will look great for those New Year's Eve smokey eyes!

Robert Ivan L.

Amazing eye candy from chanel! Great as primers, great as liners, great as highlighers.

I find it easier to work with using my fingers. I feel if I warm the product up it's easier to blend propperly.

If you're going to use this in combination with a powder eyeshadow, I would recommend using the cream first.