Beauty Product Reviews


I love this perfume always thought it was overpriced but it has such a sexy feminine scent can't pass this one up that is pretty much all i can think of

I Really enjoy my MAC fix +

I use this product to wet my makeup brush to apply eyeshadow wet so i love the diversity and the light fragrance and refreshing feeling from the use of this product ..........

Love this Nude shade

Love this shade worth having in your collection a great color for fall this color goes great with tan skin tones and i just love Lustrous lipsticks from MAC they make your lips feel sexy!!

Pretty ok

I like them they can be a bit tricky to apply in my use of this product if i didn't wet my nose enough it would not lift any of my blackheads and leave a white residue so yea just my opinion/advice wet your nose alot !!!

Pretty good for the price and quality

I like the 88 palette the colors come in a convenient array most are pretty pigmented quite a few apply a bit powdery but none the less a great starter palette let's see the applicators are useless and the mirror i like alot especially if you are doing your own makeup and need a small personal mirror

Really good quality

I love this product i didn't like the brush that came with it at first but after a few uses i like the brush to it's not to flimsy but not to stiff and rigid the product it self was pretty pigmented and glides fairly easily i did however found it to apply a bit clumpy maybe it was just my purchase so i can't say that it reflects the product in an entirety

Pretty and long wear

I love Sally Hansen products especially the nail polishes But i love purple pizzazz i noticed it has a bluish metallic undertone which i prefer sometimes over a matte finish

I love the green packaged one!!

I think it's spearmint but i just love the smell and the texture of this product and it is affordable for the amount and i will probably keep repurchasing trying out the other colors / scents