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Great pigmentation

I am shocked there are no reviews on these polishes yet. If you didn't know, L.A. Girl polishes can be found in dollar stores and they are actually who Forever 21 gets their polish from. I love the consistency and pigmentation of these polishes. I am usually not disappointed with the opacity and it is almost always true to color. I only use one to two coats when painting. Sometimes certain ones peel, but if your nails are treated correctly they can go chip free for days, especially on toes.

Sugary and sweet

I LOVE this perfume. It was given to me as a gift a few years ago. I LOVE the packaging. It's so girly and cute. It it very sweet and sugary. Part of the packaging came off (right under where the crown screws on) and you can wear that as a ring. The only reason this does not get that last half star is because it is a bit youthful and I don't see myself wearing it once I'm 30. All of my older siblings hate the smell.

I love this brush but for it being so expensive you think it could shed less! It sheds because of the duo fibre but still.. It's almost 50 bucks. Anyway as for foundation I didn't really like it too well for that but it does work.. I haven't tried that in a while but it does do an awesome job of sheering out pigmented blushes and blending them out. The white fibers are the ends of hairs so it's soft and not prickly. Easily stained.. A little pink tint stays on the tips since I use it for blush so much.

I love this finishing powder. It gives a nice canvas for blushes and bronzers to sit on. It really does finish transparent but sometimes can look ghostly. But it does its job of setting and preventing sliding makeup and sweat! Can also do well with moisturizer and powder by themselves to just freshen your look. When I first got it I just put some on my sweaty face and the shine was gone! I know gross. hahah

I love these palettes! I have all the ones available at Ulta: Smokey Eyes, Champagne and Caviar, Jazz Night, and Secret World. I haven't tried them all since there are sooo many colors but I am loving Champagne and Caviar because it has a lot of neutrals I don't own.. Perfect "wedding makeup" I love the unique browns and taupes. I love love love the hilight colors, and I don't even wear hilight often! Very much worth 10 bucks each for the quality!

I own crush, pink champagne, airy fairy, red hot, and in vogue

Crush: Orangy coral with frost. Don't really like too much. Pink Champagne: Perfect starting color for pink. I think my first lipstick ever! Airy Fairy: great mauve, can be worn as everyday color Red Hot: BRIGHTTTT red! I don't really like the color too much In Vogue: HOT pink I love it! Stains a little though.

The lipsticks are creamy and do last for a while. I throw them in my makeup bag! Loves em. Smells good to me, but some people would disagree.

I have "Rock" and "Nude" singles.

I love "Rock" because it's super pigmented and I love the matte black with flex, but it can have fallout when I try to put it in my lashline.

Nude is bleh since it's SO nude but not the nude I want! I wanted it as a blending color, but I wanted it matte but it has a sheen to it, when exaggerates growing eyebrow hairs big time.

The packaging is cool but the circle pans are better than squares because circles will hold products to the last bit. Squares not so much. I dab my brush on one little "stud" instead of in the center. and when I went in the store there was a lot of broken ones =(

NYX should really include finishes. All drugstore brands should really! hrmph. Especially revlon lipsticks that don't show the insides.

I love the round lipsticks I own: Narcissus (barbie ish pink), Paris (pinky mauve), and Louisiana (hot pink). Those particular ones are cream finishes and I loveee how creamy and pigmented they are! Packaging is super cute! Downside is that you have to reapply throughout the day.

I love these! They're so cheap and creamy. The colors are pigmented however you do have to sheer them out to use as bases as they might crease. I have Milk, Black Bean, Pots and Pans, and Hot Pink. So far Milk has been great! =) The shadows really stick to them.

Desire: When I saw this I had to get it! It is now my blush of choice. It is very pigmented and bright hot pink, but when used with a stippling brush you can control it and get a sheer coverage. You can build it to make it a more dolly cheek. It gives a nice certain glow when applied. I love the high quality of my nars blush! Oh and it's MATTE!

Orgasm: This one is so so. Everyone raves about it but I barely use it. Since I have a scar I can't really wear shimmery blush and it is suppperrrr shimmery. It's really a pink with gold glitters, and the glitter gives a GLOW. Like a GLOW GLOW GLOW cuz your cheeks are shining.. No matter how much I try to sheer it out. It is a really nice blush and again it is buildable but it's just not for me =(

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