Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder


Julie A.
Love the Prep & Primer!!

This product makes skin of all types glow to perfection! I'm a photographer and we use this on many models to highlight cheeks and face as well as legs and tummy. Truly makes skin look beautiful

Alicia B.

I really do like this product and I wish it was my holy grail product because it looks so good in person but on camera it is a completely different story. It leaves me looking ashy. I'm still on the hunt to find a good loose powder that doesn't flashback when taking photos

Miriam H.

It is really invisible and it makes my skin glow and less oily! It lasts for almost a day so I rarely have a "retouch" when I use this product. I am using the loose powder. You only have to put a small amount on your face. But it can be messy because the container has no stopper in it.

Nikole M.
Not the holy grail

I don't dislike this powder but I most definitely don't love it. When first applied I took great my tzone will be matte but a few hours later it's even more shiny than originally. Now I use cover Fx powder and it works a dream.

Latoia B.

I am an avid reader and my friends and family used to joke that if a book didn't have a smuggled finger print in my make up then it wasn't my book. Well I started using this and the joke stopped. This helped to set my make up. If I run out not only do I get shiny in a few hours but my make up ends up on my on my fingers and on every thing I touch. I could kiss the the guy at the MAC counter who recommended it to me. If you are using any other powder to try an set your make up or to stop the shine, ditch it and get this you will never look back!

Patricia G.
My Desert Island Powder!

Hello, My name is Patricia and I am a MAC Addict. ("Hello Patricia!" says the MAC Addicts Anonymous group.) This powder literally touches every part of my face when I am applying a full face of makeup. I love to use this as a finishing powder to smooth everything together and get that airbrushed finish. Also, I love to use this to prep my eyelids for primer and eyeshadow. I have oily skin, so if I don't use this before applying primer and eyeshadows, my eyelid will crease a lot. I have only met two other people that have the same issue, so most people don't even have to worry about applying transparent on their eyes. But, if you do notice your eyeshadows creasing even with primer, I highly suggest dusting some Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder on your eyelids before applying any primer. (I also apply MAC's Oil Control Lotion on my eyelids after washing my face just to be extra prepared.) Hope this helps!

Acacia M.

I like this finishing powder a lot. It really is invisible and helps everything to blend and focus. I use this before I apply the Fix + spray. I apply extra to my t-zone and any areas that get a little more oily and this seems to help keep it matte. I wish it was able to brighten up my face overall a little more, but otherwise it's nice.

Kasiani P.
So far so good!

I just bought this! I wanted to find a setting powder because I had usually used studio fix, but I just realized that along with a full coverage foundation it just looked too cakey. So I literally just tried it and I am very happy with it! Really light, smooth but I did feel as if I had to build it up with about 2 and a half layers. Still looks incredibly natural and barely there. So far so good, I am loving it!

Hannah D.

This prep + prime is amazing! You only need to use a slight amount to cover the face and keeps my make up looking flawless all day! It's not too thick and feels amazing on the skin, I will carry on using this powder and it will last you too! :)

Madison M.
Amazing Finishing Powder!

I recently purchased this finishing powder after my friend suggested it to control the oily mess that appeared on my t-zone 3 hours after doing my makeup. I have recently started using the MAC Studiofix compact powder foundation and have found that will make my skin oily within a few hours even with an oil control primer. I was using Bare Minerals Mineral Veil before I picked up this one, and I don't think it was strong enough for the MAC product. I have used the mineral veil for years, but I got this 2 weeks ago and I have fallen in love! Its perfect for anyone with combination to oily skin, or anyone that desires a perfected HD finish!