L.A. Girl

Flare Nail Polish


Avis G.

i know there are other brands that make such a bright green but i love this one for the price. $1.50 ! can't beat that! its such a bright pretty green. I purchased it from my local beauty store and i WILL go back for more. this and Sunny are the first colors i purchased from this brand and i am VERY impressed! 5stars

Avis G.

WHAT!! i got this at my local beauty supply store for about $1.50! i bought Sunny and Gleaming. Im very impressed at Sunny. its a bright opaque yellow! and stunning!

Ann D.
Great pigmentation

I am shocked there are no reviews on these polishes yet. If you didn't know, L.A. Girl polishes can be found in dollar stores and they are actually who Forever 21 gets their polish from. I love the consistency and pigmentation of these polishes. I am usually not disappointed with the opacity and it is almost always true to color. I only use one to two coats when painting. Sometimes certain ones peel, but if your nails are treated correctly they can go chip free for days, especially on toes.