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A friend gave me a purse size spray and I love it. It smells really nice and not overpowering. I am now out and need to go to VS and get another along with the body cream. :) When you layer scents it last longer. :)

Grrreat drugstore brand!

I have Comfort Zone and Blue Had Me at Hello. $5 for 8 beautiful very pigmented colors. I didn't get the Petal Pusher palette because the purples in that palette didn't appeal to me.

Great for separation for lashes but no volume

The only way this mascara will make your lashes look full is if you already have naturally thick and long lashes. I have long lashes but they are kind of sparse. This mascara did nothing for my lashes. I ended up giving it to someone (I had only used once on a clean face).

Love it!

Colouredbeautiful(check out her YT channel and I believe she has vids here on Beautylish) did a review on this so I had to try it. Picked it up at Target for $3. I still use a dark brown pencil to outline and filled in brows but I use the Elf brow kit to set. The wax is great for holding brows in place and the powder sets them.

Pretty good for the price

I actually won this palette in a YouTube giveaway. Most of the colors in the palette are very pigmented. The only ones I had an issue with is the peachy/apricot shades but if you use a good primer and base you can make it work. This is a great palette for beginners. You get a lot of colors to play with for cheap.

Best for dry cracked lips

This heals very chapped cracked lips pretty quickly. Its very affordable and I love the way it smells.(im weird lol) I have purchased other more costly lip balms that promise to do great things for your lips and none of them moisturize, heal and protect like Carmex in my opinion.

Blue Me Away!

I don't know why Blue Me Away! isn't in the swatch list but it is a beautiful bright blue with no shimmer or glitter. It was hard for me to find this color. It sells out pretty quickly. I just wish my manicures would last longer than a few days though.

Great Neutral for women of color!

I ordered this color and received it yesterday...BEAUTIFUL! This color is underrated and doesn't get the attention it should. It is a pink brown shade with multidimensional pearl. It is a Lustre. It's a universal color...doesn't require the use of a lip liner. This is part of the permanent collection and hopefully it won't be discontinued. MAC is known for discontinuing some freakin awesome colors. Smdh.

Limited shade range for women of color

I hate that so many drugstore brands don't have enough foundation shades for women of color. Its either way too dark or too light. Understand that black people come in a wide range of shades. Having 3 shades of brown isn't gonna cut it! Smdh. I have tried this foundation and not only is it NOT a true match but if you have oily skin...this is definitely a no go! You will look like you have mud on your face. This foundation is just horrible!

The formulation of these lips are pretty good for a drug store brand but I am not too fond of the boring colors. Loreal discontinued some great colors. They had this color called Merlot and OMG...looooooved it! I don't understand why they would discontinue such a beautiful color? I also hate that the color label on the bottom of the lipstick isn't the true shade. You have to take the cap off to see the actual shade of the lipstick. Smh.

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