Victoria's Secret

Very Sexy


Taylor V.
Awesome perfume, sexy scent.

This perfume is one of the scents you smelt before but you could never pin point the name of it! This is amazing, BUT only spray 2 spritzes at most…. it can give people a head ache. Treat it like Chanel

Kayla L.

Such a great date night perfume! Its a fierce smell that screams, "I have confidence!" A little bit of this perfume goes along way, so only a spray or two will do ya!

Haley F.

Very Sexy from Victoria's Secret is one of my favorite go-to perfumes! My boyfriend bought me a gift set for Christmas about three years ago and I have been sold ever since! Very Sexy has a sweet smell but is a fierce scent you will not soon forget. A little goes a long way! One small spray on your wrists and you will be the talk of the evening! I get many compliments when wearing Very Sexy!

Jasmyn E.
The Name Says It All

I use this perfume as a "secret weapon" of sorts, especially when I'm trying to leave a good impression. The scent can be a little overpowering if used in excess, so use just on your neck and your wrists; there's no need to douse yourself in this one. Once it settles into your skin, it's nothing short of fabulous, very warm, slightly sweet but in a mature way. This one is definitely for the grown and... well, you know the rest!

Michelle B.

"Very sexy" indeed. It's great for a night out. It's confidence-inspiring and long-lasting. Its secondary notes are better than the primary, in my opinion. It's a little strong for my taste, as I prefer woodsy and floral scents, but this is a must-have for an eclectic collection.

Julianne J.
An Old Favorite

I got this as a gift a long time ago, and am pretty much finished with the mini size Eau de Parfum spray, which is .25 fl oz. I'm not sure if this is the standard size, but I think it is a mini gift size/version. This is sexy. Its not too strong and overwhelming and its not obnoxious old lady smelling either. I am not an expert with perfume so I'm not sure I can decipher what is what within this "Very Sexy" elixer, but I do know it smells great. It has such a particular scent, almost with its own personality-super confident. The bottle is very elegant and sexy- a long rectangular column with a red tint, and a glamourous, show stopping cap. While I love trying new makeup/skincare/perfumes, and I've gotten way more into scents now that I'm older, I do think this perfume deserves its place in my own or anyone else's perfume collection. Its one of a kind scent is casual enough to throw on when you're not sure what to spritz or spray, but its still delectable enough to be the olfactory main event. I think it is like an old stand by- something you can count on, no matter what. I would consider getting the full size, (maybe more for nostalgia's sake) if its still available, but I'm broke, and would love to try other things first, if given the chance.

Erica S.
Feel Sexy [♥]

♥ This perfume deserve 10 stars ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ :) amazingly smells good! makes you feel sexy and smell sexy makes the men drop! lmao :D ♥ I always wear this!♥♥♥ Highly Recommed if you want to feel sexy and smell sexy :)

Jasmin C.

This was one of my first perfumes ever and i really enjoy it. I wear it on special occasions, such as a date. Without a doubt, it will definitely make you feel sexy ;)

Catherine T.
Perfect for a date night!

This is my HG perfume for date night and going out at night for a dinner, bar or club. It makes me feel 'VERY SEXY." I have the mist, perfume, and shower gel.

Rissa P.

I am obsessed with VS scents and this is by far my favorite! I actually get migraines if a scent I wear is too strong or overwhelming so I really have to choose carefully when it comes to body mist and perfumes, but this is awesome. Smells SO good, you won't be disappointed. Your man will like it too ;)