Victoria's Secret

Very Sexy


Kayla L.

Such a great date night perfume! Its a fierce smell that screams, "I have confidence!" A little bit of this perfume goes along way, so only a spray or two will do ya!

Haley F.

Very Sexy from Victoria's Secret is one of my favorite go-to perfumes! My boyfriend bought me a gift set for Christmas about three years ago and I have been sold ever since! Very Sexy has a sweet smell but is a fierce scent you will not soon forget. A little goes a long way! One small spray on your wrists and you will be the talk of the evening! I get many compliments when wearing Very Sexy!

Jasmyn E.
The Name Says It All

I use this perfume as a "secret weapon" of sorts, especially when I'm trying to leave a good impression. The scent can be a little overpowering if used in excess, so use just on your neck and your wrists; there's no need to douse yourself in this one. Once it settles into your skin, it's nothing short of fabulous, very warm, slightly sweet but in a mature way. This one is definitely for the grown and... well, you know the rest!

Erica S.
Feel Sexy [♥]

♥ This perfume deserve 10 stars ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ :) amazingly smells good! makes you feel sexy and smell sexy makes the men drop! lmao :D ♥ I always wear this!♥♥♥ Highly Recommed if you want to feel sexy and smell sexy :)

Catherine T.
Perfect for a date night!

This is my HG perfume for date night and going out at night for a dinner, bar or club. It makes me feel 'VERY SEXY." I have the mist, perfume, and shower gel.

Rissa P.

I am obsessed with VS scents and this is by far my favorite! I actually get migraines if a scent I wear is too strong or overwhelming so I really have to choose carefully when it comes to body mist and perfumes, but this is awesome. Smells SO good, you won't be disappointed. Your man will like it too ;)

Ang v.

Oh My Goshhh!! this is my ultimate, go to perfume! I wear it every single day, all the time!! and I never get tired of it! i dont know how to describe the smell all i know is that it smells amazing lol been using it for about a year now and i will continue buying it over and over again!! :D

Ursula C.
Love it!!

I totally love this scent its one of my favorites of all time! The scent lasts all day so you dont have to retouch and a little goes a long way!

Jillian G.

This has been my signature scent for years. I always get compliments on how good I smell and it really does make me feel a little bit sexier when I wear it. VS always has the best perfumes and the prices are really good.

Casey C.

This is my signature scent. Been wearing it since High School almost 6 years ago! My husband likes it too. Its one of the few scents he likes. I would recommend getting a trial size to start. The scent is different on everyone and sometimes I think it changes throughout the day? Could just be me. Regardless, its my favorite!