Beauty Product Reviews


Amazing! I just bought this lipstick this morning and I'm already in love. Since I've put it on I've sang Lana Del Rey's entire new album in the mirror to myself, ate a microwaved noodle lunch, took a nap, and had a slice of birthday cake, and it's still going strong! It is lightweight and glides on smoothly. The lipstick bullets are smaller than your average lipstick bullet, but you're getting two colors, so I think that makes up for it. I love the idea of having a two in one lip stick. Not only does it give you freedom to choose a color, the colors in the applicator complement each other. That means you can use both of them at once! I own #825 Perky. On one side is a bright fuchsia, and on the opposite end is a periwinkle purple. I applied the fuchsia first all over my lips then used the periwinkle purple to accent the middle of my bottom and top lip. I want to try the others!

Don't waste your time

This palette was promising, but a disappointment. I bought it just to save some money on a similar, but higher quality product. I ended up loosing money I could have spent towards something better. It is very waxy and not very usable with other products. I used my foundation on top of the concealer, and it washed the concealer right off. Unfortunately, this was useless for me.

No Kidding!

Being the red lip fanatic that I am, I had to try this. They were not kidding. This is the longest lasting red lip product I have ever used! And It doesn't smear. I still use a lip liner just to be safe, and the product does take a little bit of elbow grease to get off, but if you want a long lasting red lip, this is the way to go. Great job.

Not a Creme Eyeshadow Person but I like this one!

I don't use creme eyeshadows because I find they crease too easily. However, I have this in Precious Metals 05 and I use it as an eyeshadow base. They provide a great subtle color to build other shadows on top of. I was completely satisfied. The product when worn alone does crease on my lids, but that was something I expected from a creme eyeshadow, so I was not too disappointed. Not bad.


I had purchased the original Just Bitten product by Revlon when it was in a a roller ball tube, and I loved it. I was anticipating this particular product ever since they discontinued the roller ball version. I liked the idea of the pen applicator and the added lip moisturizer. However, the product is lacking in pigment and application is a pain. I would not recommend this. A traditional lipstick leaves a better stain than this product. Too bad, it was a great idea, in theory.

Great application and lovely colors

I own two shades, R09 a bright red/pink and R02 a deep red/auburn. Both are excellent lipsticks. This product is not drying and easy to work with other brands. For instance, I use NYX lip liner in Auburn with the R02 and they are a great match. The packaging is great, and the quality is just fine. I like it better than my Mayballine red lipstick because it keeps my lips hydrated. The bullet is sturdy and application is effortless. It only costs $12. Other lipsticks of this quality cost near $20. It is a great alternative to higher end products.

Excellent and Inexpensive

I was in search of a new mascara. I love the Bare Minerals mascara because of its unique anti clumping brush, but I didn't want to fork over $20 on a mascara I would use up in two months. I needed to find a cheaper alternative. I had recently ordered a sample of some Clinique products, and the mascara that came with it was decent. So as I searched for my alternative lash coat, I decided to walk over to the Clinique section in Sephora and I came across this beauty! It was everything I could have asked for. The hard bristled part of the brush coats on just the right amount of product and separates my lashses while the traditional brush flairs and fluffs the lashes. And! It is only $14.50. I will be buying this again.

Smooth and Sultry

This lip liner from Nyx is a great buy! It is less than $4 USD and they have a large selection of colors. I love this product because it is easy to use, and glides on the lips effortlessly. Also, it does not need to be sharpened so often. I can use the liner 4 times, including filling in my lips, without sharpening. Great product!