Kristy W.
Good base/highlighting eyeshadow

RAVE: I bought this eyeshadow because I wanted a cream texture that is good for highlighting and this was perfect! I would not use this eyeshadow alone but I think it makes a good base for the eye and also you can use it to highlight your brow bone. I have the precious metal and i really like the silver colour.

SLATE: There is not much pigment on the colour so I would say this eyeshadow needs to be used with something else and like I stated, this is a good base eyeshadow or to add an extra "light" to your eyeshadow.

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Rebecca M.
Love this little palette

I love this palette so much. My favorite is the one with the neutral colors. Super pigmented but looks very natural. I like to use to palette when I want a more natural or no makeup makeup look. I even some of these colors as a primer and it work great as well. It's a bit on the pricey side for not lasting very long, but rite aid has 40% off revlon cosmetics every so often so I would take advantage to be these then!

Jessica D.

I love this eye shadow it's amazing and i ware it a lot so if you have not tried this yet you should. This is one of my favorite eye shadows.

Christina B.

I use this product almost daily, not the colors shown above the va va boom,nearly nude and orchid ones are my favorite...they do crease a big but ive herd from toners it crease really bad but it also depends on your skin and such...i 100% this this itiem! no complaints.

Deria M.
Awesome e/s base & nice highlighter too!

I have a couple of these and they make an awesome base and if you get one with nude colors the slight shimmer makes a nice brow highlight! They are super smooth and glide on easy...eyeshadows on top blends well...the pigmentation is not amazing but its decent and good enough for a colored base... I would totally buy another one

Saby T.
Photo of product included with review by Saby T.

i have the limited edition 10 shade palette and the colours are actually very cool ! im not a big fan of cream eyeshadow but this one blends easily and i can apply another layer with just my finger tips !

Savanna S.

I got this palette the other day in "Not Just Nudes" and I love, love, love the lightest shade in it. It makes the perfect highlight colour for my inner eye and it works nicely as a base colour for my smoky eye. I have yet to try out the other colours but so far the light colour is worth every cent.

Denise A.
Good I like it

I used this eyeshadow but not this one.. i use the netural colors ! its a good palent just put on a eyeshadow primer ! it stays on the whole day and comes off easily! I like ie :)

Anna C.

I actually really liked this product, despite all the negative reviews. I dont use it as a base, I wear it alone. I have the Wild Orchids pallette, and the colors go on very well and look awesome. I think its worth a try if you like creme products, like me.

Lily S.

I personally LOVE Revlon creme eye shadows. I the Illuminance Creme Shadow and have a earlier rendition of the creme shadow palette as well. They both have a golden bronzy kind of "theme" to them except the earlier version's colors are deeper. The thing I loved about the Illuminance is there was more of a color range. Of course, there is the light bronze/gold and the true golden yellow. But they also included black and a plum-rose bronze color. These all have shimmer to them. I love these because they are great to use as bases for your shadows; it really brings out the true color. You can either really pack it on to have a very effective base or not, no worries the product blends perfectly. Although, when you blend it the color is quite sheer, it doesn't have the most pigmentation. I could have given this 5 stars, but just a fair warning to anyone with oily to combination skin, like me, who is looking to use this as a base: make sure to use a primer over your lid. The shadows are creme and with oily skin the product may not have the strongest lasting power. Other than that the product is amazing, i love it!