Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor

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Desirae Y.
Moisturizing Colorstay Power!

I will be going back to buy all of my favorite colors! This lip product goes on smooth, is very moisturizing, and gives great color. I tested it with food, drink, and a napkin and it still looked pretty great compared to millions of lipsticks. Apply, dry, add the top coat for moisture and shine, and go! It's that easy! Very pleased.

Saby T.
What kind of sorcery is this ?

Ok,now this ones super waterproof and stays for a lonnngg time !!! No,seriously !! I tried removing it with my Bioderma makeup remover (which takes off all kind of waterproof stuff) and it... just ...didnt ...come.... OFF !!! Then finally i removed it with my rotating cleansing brush *sighs* Its tiring and i definitely wont wear this everyday (lol,mm-mm).I guess i'll keep this for weddings and events like.

Myrna P.

This lip color is so hard to take off. That's the idea right? You have to let the color dry before applying that last step bc it got clumpy on me when I became impatient. Would be great for weddings.

Alexa M.
PROM! <3

I used the light pink colour for prom, and it was so gorgeous! I never had to reapply. Even after I took off my makeup, you could still see it. Best. Night. EVER

Claire S.

this product is great for not coming off it can withstand drinking, eating, and i love the nice shiny finishing coat. but the one thing that you have to make sure that you do right is apply it correctly because it drys in about one minute and if you try to take it off it just dries on your lips in clumps.

Bethany B.
My Go-to lip color

When long-lasting dual-ended lip colors first came out, they inevitably turned my sensitive lips into the Sahara. I was therefore expecting the driest of results when I tried out this lip color (it belonged to a friend and we were just playing around). When I woke up the next day with the color still there and no dryness in sight, I was dumbfounded. And now I use this almost every day. My shade of choice is Perennial Plum, which goes beautifully with my fair, cool-toned skin. Now, as another reviewer cautioned, if you reapply this product throughout the day (which you shouldn't need to do) you can expect dryness and peeling. Also, applying the color on top of lips that have been freshly moistened with Chapstick, etc. will give you a less long and strong hold. If you want moisture, that's what the gloss is for. And it gives you that moisture pretty much around the clock, so try to resist Chapstick binges, which can also backfire with this product. The one dual-ended long-lasting lip color I've tried that works better than this is Maybelline Superstay (it's like titanium!) and I can't seem to find it in stores anymore. :(

Mariella K.
Rich and full of moisture

However not good for re-applying...not that you need to. I was out and re-applied out of habit rather than need and it went really gross and clumpy, I had to wipe a lot off and re-apply from scratch but to be honest it really will stay on all night, no matter what you're doing!

Ingrid N.
Long Lasting: Pro or Con?

I love how long lasting this is. It literally doesn't budge once it dries. The colors are fantastic. But being a dark red lip junkie, I picked up one of the darker shades, and regretted it. When I purse my lips or talk, you can clearly see the difference between the lipcolor and my natural coloring. And, being as long lasting as it is, there is no way to blend it in. Would probably be better in a lighter shade, although I haven't bothered to try.

Keeshia P.
No Kidding!

Being the red lip fanatic that I am, I had to try this. They were not kidding. This is the longest lasting red lip product I have ever used! And It doesn't smear. I still use a lip liner just to be safe, and the product does take a little bit of elbow grease to get off, but if you want a long lasting red lip, this is the way to go. Great job.

SteffKnee K.

I personally use the Sheer Naked shade of this lip color and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately I can't find it at Walmart anymore (this shade, the product itself is still there), so I hope I can find it online when I need a new tube. It is extremely long lasting but I do sometimes have some difficulty removing it.