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Rouge Cream Lipstick

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Cara  V.

I have this lipstick In crush. The purple is a statement. Highly pigmented and long wearing. I do find that it is difficult to spread and pulls a little bit when put on the lips.

Roxanne M.
great red

I finally found the dark true red I've been searching for in sephoras courtesan shade. Gorgeous deep blood red. So smooth on the lips. Lasts long. Absolutely recommend this lipstick!

Molly B.

I like these lipsticks a lot. They're very long wearing. I love wearing them either just matte or pairing them with lipgloss. I have most of the Sephora Lipsticks and like them all (:

Linda D.
Best find ever!

I have this in Hot Tango & Love Test. Gorgeous colors and I absolutely love the formulation of this lipstick. Long wearing and applies on smooth & creamy. Doesn't chap my lips and literally lasts all day long. A few touch up here and there after eating and drinking but that's normal with any lipstick brand. I wore the Love Test the day that I bought it and I received so many compliments. Best Sephora product by far!

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heartlee H.
Moisturizing, Long wearing.

Attempting to venture into the world of crimson lips is very intimidating. Previous to purchasing Sephora's Rouge Cream Lipstick in #04 "The Red" (Which the sales associate informed me that the color was formulated to flatter all skin tones. She also told me that opening day of one of the stores all employees wore this very color.) I had bought a few cheapo drugstore lipsticks just to try out some red on my lips... Disaster. So I shied away from reds until I mustered up some more enthusiasm for it. I'm so glad I did because when I finally decide to make a statement I've got exactly the right color! [A clear lip pencil and some blotting is recommended though.]

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Jessica W.

This was by far the best lipstick purchase I have ever made. I stick to vibrant pinks and reds when it comes to color choices and not only are the colors magnificent but they last. I have never received so many compliments in one day. I am not a huge fan of Sephora cosmetics but they made an excellent product and gained a lipstick fiending customer for life.

Maria O.
Bold color for less

I love these cream lipsticks. I like the fact that when applied, then blotted and applied again, they stay on all day long...even through lunch! This is a great way to purchase a statement lip color that is a seasonal favorite but you don't plan on breaking your bank for. These are rich in color, hydrating and long wearing when applied correctly.

Keeshia P.
Great application and lovely colors
Photo of product included with review by Keeshia P.

I own two shades, R09 a bright red/pink and R02 a deep red/auburn. Both are excellent lipsticks. This product is not drying and easy to work with other brands. For instance, I use NYX lip liner in Auburn with the R02 and they are a great match. The packaging is great, and the quality is just fine. I like it better than my Mayballine red lipstick because it keeps my lips hydrated. The bullet is sturdy and application is effortless. It only costs $12. Other lipsticks of this quality cost near $20. It is a great alternative to higher end products.

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