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God knows what i primed my eyes with before these! I have painterly which i use every single time i do eye makeup, it doubles up as a concealer for me to. If i'm doing a dark smokey eye i'll use blackground before i apply carbon to my lid to.

Love it

I love this concealer so much, a lot goes a long way! It's full coverage, blend effortlessly and doesn't crease under the eye! I'm almost running out so i'm deffinately going to get more.


For my face i wouldn't use this but i had a client come to me and she wanted me to apply this on her. I'd never use it before but i was so amazed how a powder would give so much coverage. Would deffinately recommend this to girls how have like a normal skin complexion x

At first i hated this, because the instructions said you had to wet brushes before using this and the website it said it was a quick drying process... which it wasn'tand i needed it as a quick clean in and out of customers. But then i just started putting it on a cotton pad and cleaning my dry brushes and it still worked just as good. So now i approve of it! but i do have quite a large amount of brushes and i've went through 3 of these through probably a month so it's not really pocket friendly...

Love them

Give maxium coverage which is amazing as most lipglosses don't give colour pay of but the MAC ones i own do. I don't own many i have floradunce, c-thru and russian red and i use them alot of the time... i'm looking into buying pink poodle to which is a bright pink! x

Changed my life!

I don't no what i did with foundation before i got this brush, literally! It gives an amazing flawless finish specially with studio fix fluid blends effortlessly. I have the 188 brush too for my forehead, undereye and nose just to get into the nucks and crannys as the 187 is just abit too big for them areas of my face. I'd say their worth the money as the last a life time depending how much you use them and how you treat them. I have two of these brushes one for foundation and one for blush as it builds blush nicely x

This isn't an essential but i still bought it even though it's just water and tea tree extract or something. I like to use it as a toner, and before i apply makeup i'll sprits this. I don't really see a difference spritzing afterwards unless you want a dewy look. This is also good to sprits on foundation brushes so the brush doesn't absorb so much foundation and i sprits eyeshadow brushes if i want to intensify eyeshadows or to apply glitter (which suprised me that it actually stuck) Actually maybe it is an essential... (just abit pricey for water) x

Love them!

You can't try one mac lipstick and have an opinion of them all because most of them are different textures, coverages and what not. I absolutely love them, my favourites so far are 'Creme d' nude', 'Hue', 'Dubonet' and 'Snob' ... I've probably got more i love theres too many to think of hahaha xx

I love how mac eyeshadows have no fall out, 99% of the time anyways. You can't just try one shadow and have an opinion of it as they all have different textures and what not. My all time favourites are Carbon, Black Tied, Shroom, Nylon, Satin Taupe, Cork, Embark, Handwritten as they can be dressed up or dressed down (if that makes sense) deffinately reccomend these colours for beginners x

In my makeup kit so far i have 'Dollymix', Pink Swoon', 'Sunbasque', 'Peachy Keen', 'Trace Gold', 'Tenderling, 'Peaches', 'Harmony', 'Love Rush' and 'Well Dressed'. Now some i'm not fussed about and some i love for example i use nearly everyday 'Harmony' to contour my face and 'Tenderling' on my cheeks i absolutely love them colours on myself and most people! My least favourite is 'Well Dressed' as it doesn't show up on my face at all and i'm quite pale when i don't have any tan on. <3

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