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I'm addicted to lip balms so I went straight for these when I saw them out. The packaging and aromas are super cute and smell really nice. I kinda wish the formula would last a bit longer or moisturize more. I'll continue to use them until they're gone from the containers, but I'm not sure of I'd buy more afterwards.

I've used a couple concealers before this one and I did a lot of research before and testers so I knew my money was going somewhere good. Because I mainly use this for my under eye circles, the brightening aspect of it works wonders and the pink undertones in it definitely make me look more alert than I really am lol. Occasionally, I'll use it to hide breakouts and it doesn't irritate them, either. I use bare essentials face powder and smashbox primers so I usually don't have an issue with any caking. I'll be sticking with this product for awhile!

Stuck in the middle.

One of my first purchases from the Sephora store that opened where I live, was this mascara. I really wanted to try it because one of my friends swears by it so I thought, why not? It worked really well at first and wasn't hard to build and stayed right in it's place, but then it started to go downhill. It would always smudge all over and just didn't end well by about 11 in the morning. After talking to my esthetician, she told me that it's made from very natural materials and isn't more my skin type (I have combination skin, but mostly oily). It's not the worst mascara, but you really have to pay attention to what skin type you have for it to work for you. Overall, it's not bad at all.


I recieved a sample of this from Sephora one day after I went in to pick up some mascara and I never knew what the hype was really about until I tried it the next day. Everyone I follow on Tumblr goes nuts over this stuff so I didn't have high hopes, but it really is so great. It didn't irritate my skin, it was really fluid and soft, but not like water.

I used this stuff for a long time and most of my friends could say they would smell it on me from time to time. Although I recently switched soaps (just because I was bored with the same smell for a few years) its a wonderful smell. And is even better in the bubble bath!!

This smell is straight up christmas! I had it around the holidays last year and misplaced it after valentine's day. I still had a decent amount in the tube and when I put it into my car after I found it this summer, I started using it again, but now it just smells like alcohol :/ I won't misplace the one I buy this year, though!

I'm a bit of a candle freak (meaning I usually have 2 or 3 burning at a time at night) and these ones are pretty good. The scents are pretty potent in the store, but after the initial burn, the smell really fades. Maybe it's because I have a tendency to leave them burning for a little longer than the recommended 2 hours. They aren't terrific/outstanding in my opinion, but nothing is too extreme from me continuing to buy them.

I have the shatter in white and from what I've gathered, it works pretty well. My friend and I tried it for the first time over summer. It was a little tempermental (maybe because it was fresh from the store?) but after the first few fingers it worked well. It looks really good over a really light pink or black.

It took me awhile to get the hang of how these worked, but once I knew how, I really liked them. Only advice I'd give is to definitely make sure you make a tight bun first to put them in. I like my buns to be messy looking, but I learned that if you start it messy (depending on your type of hair) it will start to come undone throughout the day varying on your activity level. If you make a tight bun first, you can play with your hair more to make it look like the level of messy you like. For me, it held a lot better!


Seriously, I'm addicted to this stuff. It hydrates so well and it's not too thick or sticky. Just like when Goldilocks finds the the baby bears bed and porridge, it's just right. End of Story.

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