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Beauty Product Reviews

Best For Getting Off Makeup

I have very acne prone skin so using this simply as a face wash doesn't tend to work for me. Purity has natural oils in it that are great for moisturizing and even better for breaking down hard-to-remove makeup, which is why I love it so much. Whenever my skin isn't acting up, I love using this alone. It leaves my skin feeling really soft, hydrates, and not stripped like some of my other acne preventing cleansers do.

I Like It.

After falling in love with DKNY Be Delicious and Fresh Blossom, I figured I couldn't go wrong buying Red Delicious. This scent is a little on the strong side for my taste so I like to wear it when I'm going out for the night. It stays really well and I have no complaints, but I probably wouldn't purchase it again simply because I feel there are better perfumes out there that suit me a lot better than this one.

Absolute Favorite

I have been wearing this perfume since I was in middle school (I am now a sophomore in college, so that's saying something). I have yet to grow tired of it and it has remained my absolute favorite. I am currently on my second 3.4 oz bottle. I love how strong it is when I apply it and I love how throughout the day I can still smell it on me. This perfume really sticks and I am constantly getting compliments when I wear it.

One Of My Favorites

I never saw myself taking such a liking to a fruity scent. I'm very much so into more so floraly scents with notes of vanilla so it took me by surprise that I loved this scent so much. When applied, it is very strong and I do find that the scent fades throughout the day (or maybe I just start to notice it less). However, I love the fact that what I smell in the bottle is what I get. I absolutely love this perfume and will probably end up repurchasing. I was so happy with it, I bought two other perfumes from DKNY that I have also grown to love.

One Of My Favorites!

I love this mascara! It holds my curl and gives me fantastic volume and just a bit of length. It separates beautifully. I am on my second tube and couldn't be happier. It never clumps on my and rarely flakes. I don't see the point in buying high end mascaras when a mascara like this exists at the drug store.


These lipsticks are so amazingly smooth. They don't even feel like a lipstick. More like a very smooth lip gloss. They are so shiny and and soft. They smell great. They don't settle into fine lip lines. The colors are great. The only bad thing is I can only find this lipsticks randomly at dollar stores and other discount stores. I wish they still sold them in all drugstores! Then I would have a ton more!

Good For The Price

I use this for spot cleaning my brushes and I find it to be fairly decent. I do wish that it came with a spray pump rather than the pop cap. Fortunately, I found a spray pump that fits the bottle perfectly so that I don't have to waste any of the products. I spray a little on a clean towel and gently swirl until they come out completely clean. Personally, I water mine down to get more use out of it. I mix it half and half with water.


I have seen lots of bad reviews on this foundation, but I feel it does exactly what it claims to do. The coverage is great, but the colors aren't exactly spot on. I got mine in the shade Fair and it is definitely far from fair. This foundation tends to lean on the yellow side. If you have yellow undertones, color matching shouldn't be that big of a deal. I find myself mixing this foundation with other lighter foundations in order to get the correct color for my skin tone and it works great. I have used this product without mixing it and find I only need the tiniest bit of concealer afterwards and that is saying a lot seeing as I have very acne prone, blotchy, red skin.

Pretty Good

I bought the Blush Crush Baked Blush in Honeymoon in hopes to use it as a nice peachy, pink cheek color, but it ended up being more of a highlighting shade. However, I'm not complaining at all. I use this blush every day to give me a nice glow on the tops of my cheek bones and it works phenomenally! Especially for the price.

Great Pigmentation; Great Price!

I saw these blushes at my local Walmart and the first thing that ran through my mind was 'Benefit Boxed Bushes'. So of course, I HAD to pick one up to try it out. I wanted to go for one of the ones that looked amazingly hot pink, but I decided to settle on the more subdued peachy looking shade called Smooth Talker and I don't regret my decision at all! It is nothing like any blush I have in my collection! I use this blush every single day and I have yet to hit pan. The color is so pigmented that you only need a tiny bit and the price is nothing to complain about either. Thanks to these boxed blushes, I will never buy a Benefit boxed powder.

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