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Have it and i love itt !! Naked 1 and Naked 2 make the greatest tag team of all time ! and i love the mini naked lipgloss that comes with it ! :D


Its the best multipurpose makeup ever ... its an eye liner eyeshadow and eye shdow base ! its great ! :D I have 2 , one pencil and one depotted .

naked <3

I love it ! , all the colors are so rich and thick ! their amazing shades of golds and browns and they make the best natural or flashy eye ever !

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So pigmented !

So pigmented , and its so bright i love it ! its greaaaaaat ! Its one of the strongest greeens i have ! And i got mine on sale for $3 so i had to get it when i saw it ! :D


Finally got mine 2 days ago and iv been using it since i got it ! its great i love it , its a 2 in 1 with a great mirror only $3 ! and it fitts everywhere ! you got to go get your ! :D Nice matte bronzer and a shimmery blushh !

I like it !

I like this eye liner its good and nice tip etc but after a little but it does get kinda cakey ! but it was only $1 and i would purchase another one ..

I love it , its clear and shimmery and its nice and thick , that makes it last longer ! i love it :) for only $1 i dont regret purchasing it !

Its nice to have around :)

I have one of these and i like it , its a little sticky but i like that cause it last longerr ! it smells good and have a little color to it but not alot and for only $1 i dont regret buying it :)

theres are miracle wipes !

i bought these little wipes and i loved them i was shocked i called them miracle wipesssss !!!! but them i went to use them after a week and a half & the wipes had dried out ! :( not happy but i still love elf !

it does its job

I have one of these it was only $1 and i like , its nothing extraordinary but it does its job it keeps my brows in place and my lashes locked :)

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