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Beauty Product Reviews


I recently purchased 2 of these palettes, "For your eyes only-Smokey Eyes" & "The Runway Collection-Champagne & Caviar" I love love love love! these 2 palettes, the Smokey Eyes palette has great Blacks,Greys, and Dark Browns. The color combinations are perfect for when you're rushing but still want a dramatic yet wearable look, wether you're going for a dramatic smoky eye on a night out or simply a soft quick look for a work day. You can do so much with this palette. (I love the greys in this palette). The Runway palette is my favorite because it has a variation of mattes and shimmer colors, the colors are neutral and very wearable. The colors are fairly pigmented so you can build them up depending on how soft or bold you want your look, They stay on all day (with primer ofcorse) and the shadows dont loose their pigmantation. Overall a must have product! I will definetly be purchasing more of these palettes :)

I got the palettes for ONLY $10.00!

I love this eyeshadow palette it's less than $5.00 and the colors are gorgeous! The colors are super pigmented and I love how it has a matte side and a shimmery side. You can do so many different looks with this little guy.

Wet & Wild products are super afforable and very good quality :)

I like this foundation, It's very affordable! I got mine at Target for about 8 bucks! I really like it so far, I did get a shade a little lighter than my skin tone though (200 soft beige) I'll probably have to double it up as concealer or maybe I"ll go and buy a darker shade and mix the 2 to achieve the perfect tone because they dont have many shades, so I went with the closest I saw. I like it though its leaves your skin looking flawless and gives a matte finish.

I went out and bought this because I heard so many great reviews on it! I am happy to say I was not dissapointed! I am absolutely loving this product. I have extrememly oily skin :(. My skin tends to get super oily in my "T zone". By applying just a small amount with my ring finger I distribute the product on the most oily parts of my face and it works really great. I work 8 hours shifts and I am face to face with clients, So ofcorse I wana look my best at all times. I hate it when my skin begins to look shiny and oily. I've only been using "Studio Secrets Professional Secret No.1 Magic Perfecting Base" for a week and I love it. The matte finish it's perfect for oily or combination skin, I would highly suggest this product. I am very happy with my purchase. Worth every penny. =)

I absolutely love this product! It's amazingly afforable and I just love love love! I own several shades of NYX blushes. Of corse one of my favorites is "Angel". Its a soft and nudy color that gives my skin a very natural glow, sometimes appears as if Im not wearing blush at all! When I want a seemless touch of pink, what I like to do is pile on a little more product usually apply a bit more on the apples of my cheeks to give it that pop of color. Othewise I use it on a daily bases for a natural and smooth finishing glow. :)

If you dont own this already, you MUST try! ;)

I like!!! ColorStay is a very affordable yet amazing product. I love how it's very easy to blend, and it gives me full coverage. It gives my face a flawless finish, and it's not too heavy on the skin, I also like the fact that it comes in 2 different combinations, I have alot of trouble finding liquid foundation because my skin is extremely oily. I've tried several products over the years, including high end make up brands. Nothing has worked so well with my skin type like ColorStay, I also love how it doesn't have that yellowish nor orangy undertone, It looks very natural, and it's very easy to blend! Definetly would purchase again, and would reccomend this product! Great Foundation! :)

I got this product as a christmas present last year, it came with a whole make-up set. I absolutely love it! It removes eye make up effortless, and a small amount goes a long way. Btw Im running out! I need to go buy a new one! ;)

Great product! Gorgeous Volume, Very Dark, gives your lashes Amazing Length! Really does make your lashes look like falsies. Perfect for me, since Im not a big fan of false lashes. I love how it Enhances your eyelook for a perfect finishing touch ;) Only thing I have trouble with is removing it at night, very good H20 fighting formula! Overall a Great Product though, I would highly recommend it.