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Inexpensive Heat Protectant

I recently purchased this and have to say I am happy with it. It smells good and it won't break your bank. Definitely worth looking in to. I have oilier hair and have noticed that this really works with my hair type and won't make it greasy or dry. I am also happy with the spray pump on this. It covers a lot of area and it distributes product evenly. So far I am happy with my purchase.


I love this concealer! I own a lot of MAC, Laura Mercier, Smashbox and other drug store brands. I have never come across a brand of drug store concealer that covered so well and that required very little product! I have tested this concealer on regular blemishes and other heavy duty blemishes such as acne scars, current breakouts, and dark scars. Recently, my friend's skin has been a wreck and I took a little bit of my concealer and went at her face and she looked FLAWLESS! Definitely worth looking into. Good luck finding it too because it's hard to find.

Very impressed with quality

I recently started falling into the hype over Wet and Wild. My overall impression used to be based on the poor quality of their products when in my early teens. I remember swatching their shadows and not getting anything but chunks of dry powder. As for their currently quality I am very impressed. A lot of the colors they have are very similar to MAC colors but I want to say they are smoother. On occasion you will get a color that is poor quality in the palette but it does't matter because it's one out of 6.

The new love of my life!

This is by far the most unique Kabuki Brush I own. What makes it so different from the others I have is that it's angled and it opens to cover more area. This is such a soft brush and I PROMISE it gives you a flawless and airbrushed finish. I typically use my MAC Kabuki brush to apply my powder and while it does a good job my powder can look a bit heavy on my skin. After using this brush for a week I can totally tell the difference in my makeup. I can literally put tons of powder on this brush the way it applies it on my skin is very light and it ends up looking natural. I think that this is a brush that EVERYONE should get and I assure you that you would be happy with. I highly recommend this brush; It's definitely a must have item!


Base shadow brush: applies a eyeshadow or cream shadows flawlessly. I like to use this brush to apply my all over lid color and also to highlight the inner part of my eye because it adds the color to the eye evenly and makes it looks natural.

Deluxe crease brush: This brush is perfect for blending and defining your crease. It's a very soft brush and the design of the brush makes it great for applying shadow, defining your crease, blending and highlighting.

Accent brush: This brush is AMAZING for detailing and smudging your eye makeup. I absolutely love this brush because it allows you to be precise in your makeup application and it also is tiny enough to smudge your lash line.

Pixel-point eyeliner brush: The hairs on this brush are firm enough to give you a precise line. I love this brush when using my gel liners and also adding shadow over my liner.

Brow brush: I have not used this brush for my brows because I don't use shadows. I have used this brush to smoke out my eyeliner on my top lash line and it did a great job at fading my shadow up.

Once again, this set also comes with a brush case that can be used as a base or a full size brush case to store your brushes.


I have owned these brushes for a week and absolutely love them! They are very soft and are super affordable! I love the fact that they were made with the intentions of making makeup application flawless and easy! I have written a mini review of each brush in this set and hope you find it helpful!

Detailer Brush- This is the smallest brush in the set and when you have many blemishes to conceal it does a great job at applying product on the problem area without making it looked caked on. This brush is also really nice for applying concealer under the eyes and getting really close the lash line.

Pointed Foundation Brush- This is the second brush on the left and it's great for getting in the harder to reach spots like the corners of your nose, inner corner of your eye and it also applies foundation smoothly. I love this brush and it's also very soft.

Buffing Brush- First brush on the right. This brush is a nice way to blend your foundation for a more airbrushed effect. You can also use this brush to apply a powder and get a deeper finish. I love how firm it is the fact that it is still feels soft on your skin.

Contour Brush- First brush on the left. This is my FAVORITE brush in this set because it really makes contouring easy! I promise that the shape of the brush fits the contours of your cheeks and is the perfect size for shading and blending. I loooove this brush and can't tell you guys how badly you need it.

I love this brush set, it is definitely worth investing in if your looking to add to your brush collection or if you are just starting to add. I love the fact that the brushes are color coordinated because it adds color to your typical black handle set. One thing that I would label as a con is the shape of the handle because it gets wider at the end of the handle, which is wrapped in a black rubbery material. It can make holding the brush a little uncomfortable at times. Another thing I should mention is that the brushes come in a black case that can be used as a stand, as pictured above, and can also be used as a brush full size brush case. I absolutely adore this set and think Sam did an amazing job at designing the brushes!


I love this product and it will last you forever! it's very moisturizing and it gives the perfect hint of color for your pout! It's a very sheer lip balm and it's a great starter product for the lovely teens out there!


I love this product! I think it's the perfect consistency and it smells delicious! I have used the melon and the passion fruit one. They are amazing and really moisturize your lips. I especially enjoy the shape of this lip balm because it makes it easy to find in your purse.


I love MAC cremesheen glasses because they are creamy and not sticky. It's consistency is moisturizing and super glossy! I love the sheerness of the gloss and feel that it gives the perfect hint of color!

Like but not Love

I like this product as a quick fix! It's great for on the go and quickly cleaning your brushes. This product should not be the only means of cleaning your brushes because your brushes need a deep cleaning once a week. I like this product but feel that I go through it fast and I wish that it had a spray pump rather than the cap.

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