Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

Kabuki Brush

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Gabriela E.
The new love of my life!

This is by far the most unique Kabuki Brush I own. What makes it so different from the others I have is that it's angled and it opens to cover more area. This is such a soft brush and I PROMISE it gives you a flawless and airbrushed finish. I typically use my MAC Kabuki brush to apply my powder and while it does a good job my powder can look a bit heavy on my skin. After using this brush for a week I can totally tell the difference in my makeup. I can literally put tons of powder on this brush the way it applies it on my skin is very light and it ends up looking natural. I think that this is a brush that EVERYONE should get and I assure you that you would be happy with. I highly recommend this brush; It's definitely a must have item!

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Kenzie M.

It applies so evenly. I love how it goes from 1 to 2! thank you so much real technics!! I love this kabuki so much! I am not being pad for the review