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So hydrating!!

I've only had this for a few months, but it has quickly become my new all time favorite conditioner! It smells really nice and instantly makes my hair feel like silk. Any tangles left behind by my shampoo (Urban Antidotes level 1 - green bottle) are washed away and I'm left with incredible slip. My hair is soft, shiny and left smelling great! Even the day after washing the scent of this is still on my hair, love it!

Great Shampoo!

I've been using this for about two months now and love it! It smells great, lathers nicely and rinses out quickly. Only thing is it does make my hair a little bit dry, but when used with the Urban Antidotes level 2 conditioner (blue bottle) my hair is instantly hydrated. I love how shiny this makes my hair as well. Their shampoos have definitely improved!


I absolutely adore this soap!! I suffer from dry, itchy skin and this has been one of the only products that has helped. It's soft creamy texture is rich and hydrating and the smell is amazing!

It does have a tendency to melt away super fast, so be sure to store this in a container in between uses (Lush sells a few options). I highly suggest this to anyone, it's one of the BEST body soaps I've ever used!


About 12 years ago during my high school days I struggled with underarm persperation. Despite my tiny frame, my underarms sweated like crazy probably due to my anxiety. No matter what, I would get small wet marks on my shirts under my armpits (which thankfully never smelled but was embarassing).

I had tried so many different deodarants and nothing worked until I found Certain Dri. Use it at night before bed and you'll definitely notice a difference. In fact, after a few months of daily use I stopped needed it so much so I lessened my use to just a few times a week, then lowered it again to a few times a month until eventually I only needed regular strength formulas like Secret.

I don't know if this product is to thank, but I was basically cured of my embarassing problem. I picked this up again a few months ago, just to use every once in a while in fear that my problem will come back but it hasn't.

I definitely recommend this to everyone! Keep in mind this is extra strength, so you might experience some itching or burning, especially if you've just shaved. But trust me, it will make your armpits dry up and you will never have to worry about sweating!

Good for Oily Skin Types

I have dry/combo skin and found this moisturizer to be too light for me (in general all gel type moisterizers are too light for my skin), but I decided to use it up anyway. I liked how refreshing it was, but it sort of left my skin sticky. By the time I got to the end of the container my skin had developed dry patches and had become quite red, so I had to switch back to a more nourishing moisturizer. If you have oily skin this would probably work best for you.


I purchased my GHD over 3 years ago, and its still going strong. It is definitely one of the more expensive flat irons on the market, but is also one of the best. One of my favorite features is the auto-shutoff, which has saved my nerves so many times on mornings when I'm rushed. I also really like the fact that it gives you a beep when its turned on and another one when its fully heated.

I've used CHI many times and actually own one as well and I can say it doesn't work nearly as good or fast as my GHD. The CHI takes longer to heat up, requires more swipes through my hair to actually straigten it and doesn't have auto-shutoff.

Some people complain about the lack of heat settings, but if you go on the GHD website they explain to you that the temperature it reaches was carefully chosen and is proven to be the ideal heat to effectively straighten hair without burning it.

I've also noticed that when I use my GHD my hair is much less prone to frizziness, but if I use my CHI it frizzes like normal. I absolultely love this flat iron, but be SURE to use a heat protectant!! It can do a number on your ends, so be careful!

If you can, I recommend buying one of the GHD sets from Sephora, mine came with a heat protectant bag that I use after every use and is great for travel! :)

GREAT for thirsty skin!

I ran out of my HG body lotion (Kiehls Creme De Corps) and was on the hunt for a replacement. I picked up HEMPZ Cucumber Jasmine and instantly fell in love, my skin was so soft and smooth. Once I finished it I headed back to Ulta and decided to purchase the Pomegranate scent and WOW, it smells so nice!! It's very light and floral. This is definitely the girlier scent, while the Cucumber Jasmine is more of a fresh, clean scent. Both are amazing and go on sale often at Ulta, I got mine for just $17.00, much cheaper than my Kiehls. If you have dry skin, I highly recommend. The formula is easy to blend, doesn't feel greasy and smells heavenly!

Great for split ends

When I picked this up my hair was in major need of TLC, thanks to my flat iron my ends were fried and dried. After only a few uses of this oil I noticed how soft and maneagble my hair had become. There is definitely no subsition for getting regular trims, but this definitely prolongs the life of your ends. I put about a pump into my hair from the ears down while its still wet and then apply again throughout the day if needed. One thing I don't like is the woodsy scent, but it doesn't linger so I can deal with it. Plus, one bottle lasts forever since only a little is needed!

Natural Looking Lashes

I've purchased this mascara so many times over the past 10 years. No matter what other mascaras I try, I go back to this for my daytime looks. Just as the ladies below me have mentioned, if you're looking for a dramatic look then this isn't for you. But, if you want soft lashes that are thick and full with a no fuss, zero clump formula then this is perfect! I up the anty at night with a more dramtic formula, but adore this for the day time!


I was able to get my hands on the very last one at my local ulta and I LOVE IT! I've used so many other tools to blend in my liquid foundations, but this one is my favorite. Recently, I've been using this with my NARS foundation and am loving the results. It leaves behind zero streaks, just a naturally flawless finish. The brush has a wide base so it can stand on its own or fit into your brush holder. Also, it hasn't shed at all. I highly recommend!

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