Sultana of soap


Tuss M.
Wonderful scent - too drying

The good thing about this soap is the wonderful scent - I would wear this as a perfume if I could. I don't like the pieces of fruit in the soap. I know it looks pretty and all but it just takes up so much space and the pieces don't have any purpose, they just fall out and clog the drain in the shower and zink. Also, my skin becomes so itchy and dry when I use this.

Sharon E.
This soap is phenomenal

If you ever go to Lush you HAVE to smell this soap. It is so amazing! My boyfriend and I both agree on the smell and it leaves your skin so soft. I will never use any other brand of soap again. I have also tried a few other soaps from Lush that are also great, but the Sultana is my boyfriend and I's ultimate favorite.

Caroline W.

I am crazy in love with this soap and have been for years. It is incredibly luxuriant, and the smell always surprises me- I'm pretty good about pinpointing scents, but Sultana is very elusive and mysterious and sweet. Half a star lost ONLY because it breaks down quickly.

Shantel G.

Is this product anti-bacterial?? Its sound pretty good. I love how it says it consist of natural dried fruits. I'm really intrested in buying this product but I dont know if its anti-bacterial??

Myrna P.
Best Gift

The smell is amazing and the way your body feels after is even better. I would recommend this to anyone that loves Lush products and if you haven't tried it yet..what are you waiting for? Best Ever

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Theresa G.

This is my number one soap. I cannot stress enought how much I love this soap. The smell (too mee) is absolutely amazing. I love this. After taking a shower I don't need to put any type of body spray because the scent deffinitly lingers. I love this soap so much that I literally buy almost have of the darn block at once. Which by the way is getting really low. Need to take a trip to luch soon to restock. Lol

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Somakeuphie Y.
Soft, hydrating, antique.

This soap is my third favorite one , having "honey I washed the kids" as nº 1 and "Vanilla in the mist" as nº2. It is really moisturizing and it lathers so well, it gives you this impression to be a Sultana. Its scents of rose and this little something else reminds me of the soap that my beloved grandmother used to use, This nostalgia made me feel better.

The only downside for me is : it melts away to fast and the scent can be overwhelming some times. I believe there is an inscent to it so watch out if your subject to headache because of inscent.

Enjoy your Sultana moment!

Julie A.

I absolutely adore this soap!! I suffer from dry, itchy skin and this has been one of the only products that has helped. It's soft creamy texture is rich and hydrating and the smell is amazing!

It does have a tendency to melt away super fast, so be sure to store this in a container in between uses (Lush sells a few options). I highly suggest this to anyone, it's one of the BEST body soaps I've ever used!