Beauty Product Reviews

Great foundation!

I am literally in love with this foundation! This is one of two foundations that I always go for for everyday use. This is perfect for when I have breakouts that are very red and my other foudation a would not cover. I don't even need to have a concealer with this foundation as it very thick and full coverage! It did take me a few tries to be able to apply it without making it look cakey or blotchy, but I've now found my prefect way. I have normal-dry skin with an oily forehead, so I use an oil free moisturiser for my head, and a thick moisturiser for the rest of my face and it works very well.

I have it 4 stars because it didn't control the oil on my head, and came off after a few hours only on my head, and the rest of my face was completely matte. Even using my rimmel stay matte powder didn't completely keep my oil at bay.

Saying this, it gives me a completely flawless finish (several people have told me my skin looks like a porcelain doll) and completely covers all of my acne and redness. I love it :)

For reference, I'm 1N1 in Estee Lauder Doublewear

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I am literally in LOVE with this mascara! It is very pricey, which I feel is the only con, but it is worth the price.

The first couple of times I used this, I hated it because it just ended up being clumpy and I couldn't get it to work as well as other reviews had said.

It makes my lashes look super long, super thick, and separated. The curl holds all day, and I don't even need go use lash curler with this, which is a big bonus! The colour is super pigmented, the packaging is gorgeous, and I've had no problems at all with the brush - sometime rubber brushes hurt my inner lids. This gets to every single lash, and doesn't smudge. I literally don't need to wear false lashes with this mascara!!!

The formula is a little dry for a non-waterproof mascara, but you can work with it.

The only downside is this isn't waterproof, which is a bit of a pain, as it runs pretty easily if you have hey fever or get watery eyes - which is really he only negative to this mascara.

I use this mascara everyday, and I have a new obsession with it!

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It's OK

I received this in a gift set for christmas, and loved it from my first application.

After a couple of weeks, thats when I started to notice a couple of cons about this mascara. The mascara dried out and became completely clumpy after around 6 weeks - and was completely unusable from this point. The fragrance of the mascara was VERY overpowering - think strong flowers and chemicals.

I love so many aspects of this mascara: it lengthens my lashes amazingly. The colour is very pigmented. It lasts all day. Thickens my eyelashes A LOT. Isn't clumpy if you only use two coats.

Now the reason for the 2 starts, is that the cons totally outweigh the pros. For me, a mascara costing over £20 has to last for at least a couple of months - my £3 Essence Lash Princess Mascara has lasted me 5 months, and is only £3.

Hate this foundation!

I really don't like this foundation. The worst foundation I have tried, and I have tried lots - worse then the true match foundation. The colour match was pretty good on my pale skin - just a little dark. When it went on, it had patches where it looked super cakey, but it did offer quite a lot of coverage. It lasted less than four hours on me, and melted off of my face within that time. I used a primer for oily skin, and it still didn't work. It came off in random patches around my face. After around 2 hours, I had absolutely no product left on my nose. I have normal skin with a oily t-zone, and it broke off everywhere. The foundation does not give a matte finish - its more dewy. this is good because it doesn't make your makeup look completely flat. It's not good for people with oily or dry skin. I really don't know who this would be good for. I definitely won't recommend or be repurchasing this at all.


I absolutely love this concealer. Not only has it got amazing coverage, but also has vitamins and oils/extracts to help keep premature raging at bay for your eyes. I have done a comparison with this to my MAC Prolonger Concealer, and it covers just as much, gets rid of discolouration, and has the same longevity. My under eye circle are pretty blue, and this covers them straight up. The only negative is that in the UK, there are only 2 different shades - Light and Nude. I naturally have porcelain skin, so the light shade doesn't match me unless I am using it with a tan. I have repurchased this product twice, because I can't get enough of it! Other than the limited shades, I am in love with this concealer! A definite must-have, full coverage concealer!

Last summer, I was searching for a long time for a light but bright pink colour lipstick. When I saw this, I knew straight away I had to buy it after trying the colour - plus it was £2 off! The colour stays on for quite a while and is very prominent, which I am in love with. What makes it better is that it's a lip balm aswell as a lipstick. It stays on for quite a few hours which is really good. And when you reapply the colour, you don't get parts which are darker than the others. It's the same colour over all the lips. There's a beautiful peppermint smell to the balm which you would think was off putting, but actually seems lovely and it a great addition to this balm. I love Revlon products now as they've really stepped up to the mark of what a great beauty brand should be. I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone! Very impressed!

Amazing eyelashes!

I've been wearing false eyelashes everyday for the past 2 years and have tried many different brands and types of eyelashes. I heard about eylure from a friend and I too have found them to be amazing! You get the glue, eyelashes, instructions (incase you need some help with them) and you get a little sticker of the name of your eyelashes. I tried these out and wow they were amazing! The whole day they stayed put - even the edges didn't start to come up - which I'm incredibly pleased about. If you check out my video, you can see the full review. Definitely would recommend these to anyone and everyone! My favourite brand (katy perry). This version of the eyelashes is also great for work as they aren't too thick but are a little longer than eyelashes so look very natural with oomph!

I was super excited to try out this concealer as I've heard alot of great things about Benefit's products. It does stay on my spots and makes my skin tone look more even which is a positive. Also, I like that you get a mini spatula with the product which helps for easy application and saves from getting bacteria from hands and fingers in the pot (which is also an ok size) The negative about this product is that it does tend to look cakey, especially on my nose for some reason. My skin isn't dry or oily so I don't understand how it can have this effect. Also, I have to apply it twice to my undereyes within half hour of applying as it doesn't take too well on my eyes. Overall, I do think its a great product, but I got the same effect with my Soap and Glory Dual Concealer which I payed half of the price for. And it's more sanitary with the mini spatula which comes with it. Not quite sure if I would recommend as there are the same amount of good and bad things about the product.