Katy Perry - Oh Honey!

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Erica  S.

A fuller look but still look very natural. I have been able to use these more than once and have them blend well with my lashes. They have a more flirty look but I must say they are my favorite pairs of lashes.

Chloe L.
Amazing eyelashes!

I've been wearing false eyelashes everyday for the past 2 years and have tried many different brands and types of eyelashes. I heard about eylure from a friend and I too have found them to be amazing! You get the glue, eyelashes, instructions (incase you need some help with them) and you get a little sticker of the name of your eyelashes. I tried these out and wow they were amazing! The whole day they stayed put - even the edges didn't start to come up - which I'm incredibly pleased about. If you check out my video, you can see the full review. Definitely would recommend these to anyone and everyone! My favourite brand (katy perry). This version of the eyelashes is also great for work as they aren't too thick but are a little longer than eyelashes so look very natural with oomph!

Smilja  S.
Eylure Katy Perry-Oh Honey!

These eyelashes are great!! They are really easy to apply,they come with the glue,which has a small applicator that makes application easier,glue is good,holds lashes in place. They have a thin strip,which makes them more natural looking. Hairs on them look natural and soft. The only "bad" thing about them is that they are a little more expensive,considering that they are drugstore lashes,other than that,they are great! :) Thank you for reading,and i hope this has helped you :)