HYPNÔSE DRAMA Instant Full Body Volume Mascara

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Chloe L.
It's OK

I received this in a gift set for christmas, and loved it from my first application.

After a couple of weeks, thats when I started to notice a couple of cons about this mascara. The mascara dried out and became completely clumpy after around 6 weeks - and was completely unusable from this point. The fragrance of the mascara was VERY overpowering - think strong flowers and chemicals.

I love so many aspects of this mascara: it lengthens my lashes amazingly. The colour is very pigmented. It lasts all day. Thickens my eyelashes A LOT. Isn't clumpy if you only use two coats.

Now the reason for the 2 starts, is that the cons totally outweigh the pros. For me, a mascara costing over £20 has to last for at least a couple of months - my £3 Essence Lash Princess Mascara has lasted me 5 months, and is only £3.

ramie x.
Love Love Love!

Amazing mascara that gives you the volume and length in one formula! The wand is beautifully made so the bristles separate and coat each lash. I highly recommend this to everyone!

Yen N.
Best mascara I've ever used

Got this mascara as a gift and I love it! Best mascara I've ever used hands down for sure. Not clumpy, unique bristles giving you maximum volume that lengthens your lashes about x3 longer gives you the dramatic bold fierce look. Don't think I'll ever change go a different mascara! - it's gotta be pretty damn good if I do!

Nadia N.

I thought that diorshow blackout was my fave mascara well not anymore. I tried this on suggestion and wow my lashes looked amazing. They look thicker, longer and darker. It definitely gives me the false lash effect I am looking for. The want really gets into my lashes deeper and coats them. The mascara holds the curl wonderfully.

Alisia G.

Okay seriously, this product will make your lashes huge... Super long, thick and black! Perfecto. Only downsides include slight clump build up when re-coating lashes which is understandable. Maybe not everyone's preference for everyday wear but for a night out or a dramatic effect for a dinner date... Go for it!

Nina N.

I looooove it! since i have sensitive eyes and I got this mascara as a present I was a bit suspicious about it but now i'm 100% sure it is the best mascara I have ever had!

Jae R.
Lancome took over as a favorite

Before Lancome, I was a fantatic over Fairy Drops Mascara, however Lancome brags as industry leader for a reason. I got a small Drama mascara as a sample in one of those Sephora promotions. I loved it so much I went back and purchased the full size. I have put my sister and a friend on to this mascara and they have not looked back since.

Love and Life, The MUFE 170 Beauty Enthusiast! PhillyzJamPoet on YouTube

Leanna G.
So close to perfection

First received this as a sample in a Sephora VIB bag and it was love at first stroke. I've got long eyelashes that I seek to thicken and darken with mascara, and Hypnose Drama did both flawlessly without clumping or flaking. When my sample ran out I immediately bought a full-sized tube, so happy that I'd found my HG mascara. However, I'm disappointed. The full-sized tube leaves way too much product on the wand (due to the wand's S-shape) and I absolutely hate having to wipe away what is otherwise an amazing (and expensive!!) formula. I'll be sticking with it until I finish the tube because it really does make my lashes look incredible, but when it's done I'll probably be trying out another Lancome mascara.

Piper O.

These make your lashes look amazing!! This product coats each and every eyelash doubling it size. The first time i wore this mascara I expected to come home and see my lashes had become flat and dull, but they were as big and dramatic as when i first applied the mascara. Amazing stuff! I highly recommend this for girls who want that extreme dramatic look.

Rachel W.

This mascara is amazing! It never clumps when I apply it and defines my eyelashes beautifully. The product adds just enough drama and volume to my lashes without looking like I'm wearing too much. It's my go-to mascara.