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Love at first sight

I love the design on the packaging. The design is sleek and stylish, also, the pump is really good. This foundation has a very thin formula and has a light to medium coverage, it is possible to build up the coverage. The Foundation looks very natural on the skin and it gives the skin luster, but don't highlight large pores or make you look shiny. Maybelline New FIT ME foundations are in many different colors and tones. For me, 110 is the perfect shade now in the wintertime. I rarely find a foundation bright enough for me. I'm really impressed! It also contains SPF 18, which may look less good on photos.

Pros: + Provides a natural result + Evens out skin tone easily + Easy to blend into the skin and easy to work with + Will last a long time, one pump is enough for the whole face

Cons: - Honestly, I do not find anything negative about it

Love this for a night out

At first I had a big problem with how to apply this highlighter. I started with just dotting the applicator on the cheekbone and trying to blend it in with my fingers but that looked blotchy and very unnatural. Now I take a small amount on my hand and use a foundationbrush to lightly sweep this on the cheekbones. I like the pinkish sheen but I feel it looks to frosty for a daytime look. Great for nighttime, I love it for a night out.

ok, but not more than that

This face primer is quite cheap and even though the jar is very small you only need a pea size amount to your face. This makes my skin look good, my little wrinkles around my eyes don't show as much and it's the same with big pores but it's not my favourite primer.. not by far. My face gets oily when I have this on. I have a problem with a extremly oily T-zone and I don't feel that this primer can handle the oil. So this may be better for dry/normal skin.

My favourite powder highlighter!

I love this highlighter. The packaging is fun and sleek. The highlighter is shimmery and very pigmented, you only need a tiny amount of product. It gives a nice golden sheen to the cheekbones, browbone or where ever you want to use it. I like this because it has small shimmers and no glitter. Some highlighters I find have to big shimmerparticles / glitter so it looks unnatural. This gives that natural glow to your face.

ike this mascara but when I first bought it and started using it I thought it was a bit tricky to get it right. The mascara is quite watery so the lashes can clump together and you will have long spider legs as lashes. Then I learned how to use it right and like it. Not the best mascara ever but it gives volume and is good for the cheap price.

Not sure if I like this

When I bought this I had high hopes because of the hype about it. This finishing spray don't do anything for me and it has to much perfume in it so I get rashes (I have eczema) and if i use it regularly I will even get infections on the face.

If you use mineral foundation and you look a bit dry this can help the mineral foundation melt in with your skin a bit better but otherwise I think this is a waste of money. I don't know if this spray makes your makeup last longer either.

This primer has a cute packaging and the product inside works well. I have a really oily T-zone and have big pores on my nose. This primer makes my big pores looking smaller and my face do not get oily quite as fast. But even though my face don't get oily as fast, it will get oily after a couple of hours.

So it's a good primer if you have big pores but if you are extremly oily (like me) you can get oily anyway. But you only need a little primer for your whole face so it lasts a long time and is worth the price.

I only have this in Deep Throat but I want to by more shades. They are pigmented but they are a bit pricey for my taste. I like the design on the packaging but they get dirty easily.


All eyeshadows that I need for both parties and everyday use can be found in the Naked palette. This palette has creamy, pigmented eyeshadows that are easy to work with, and the color selection is wonderful.

It's a lifesaver

I have Atopic Dermitis (eczema) so I have extremly sensitive and dry skin. Dream Cream works wonders on my skin and makes it soft, the only downside is that I have to use quite alot for my whole body but it works so I don't care. The smell is not sweet or fruity as many LUSH smells, it's natural and herbal and I like that smell.

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