Beauty Product Reviews

Great eyeliner!

This is a great eyeliner that is easy to work with because you can decide how thick or watery you want it to be. If you want the eyeliner to last longer you can mix it with MAC fix+ instead of water. That works great!

It smells like toilet cleanser to me. That's not a smell I like... They tried making it smell nice by adding some kind of perfumes but they made the scent way to strong. This dry shampoo gets the job done BUT if you are a brunette you have to be careful. If you use this your hair will look grey and ashy.

So the good thing about this dry shampoo is that it works good on oily roots and also gives a bit of volume but the smell is terrible and if you're a brunette you easily get grey and ashy hair.

Everyone should use this!

I LOVE this hair mask. The smell is sweet and fresh and the scent will linger in your hair for a long time. I often get compliments on smelling good when I've used this. This hair mask makes the hair super soft and shiny without weigh it down. You can use it in the roots without getting oily. This product is amazing!

My bottle was broken when I bought it so that's a shame but I like the product inside, even if it's hard to get out because of the broken packaging, lol. The mousse smells sooo nice and the smell lingers in your hair for a long time. It also give much volume. I use this in my roots before blow drying my hair and then I have the most incredible volume that lasts for hours.


I got a sample of this a while ago and have used it since then. I think I've used it for about two months now and thats just from the small sample I got. That's incredible. I like that the eye cream is 100% natural and it is very moisturizing without leaving your eyelids oily. The only thing I don't like about it is the smell... it has a very strong smell to it that made me feel sick when I first started using it, now I don't mind the smell that much.

Not satisfied

I don't like this eye cream mainly because it gave me milia (those white bumps you can get around your eye area) and it did not help me with puffiness or anything. So this is a big disapointment for me and I can find much better eye creams for half the price of this.

The smell is divine

I LOVE this perfume. The scent is fresh, light and refreshing. This is great for both daytime and nighttime and the staying power is great in this perfume. I feel that this is a perfume that suit most people, in all ages. The only downside is the price but I've put this on my wishlist for my birthday. Hope I'll get it!

This moisturizer has a clean and fresh smell. The moisturizer is not thick or creamy but moisturizes very well anyway. It absorbes into the skin quickly and I have noticed that I have less pimples since I started using this. I have eczema (atopic dermitis) and this don't irritate my skin. I feel that my eczema gotten a bit better by using this amazing product.

This cleanser comes out as a clear, thick gel and lathers up nicely when you wash your face. It removes makeup easily, even waterproof. The smell is strong and clean. It contains good natural ingredients that is benefitial for the skin. It works wonders on my skin and I have sensitive and dry skin with a very oily T-zone. It's not drying and can work if you have eczema.

This makes my lips feel really moisturized. It has a minty smell and taste and makes the lips tingly and cold. It's quite refreshing, as you just brushed your teeth, lol. I think that the packaging is cute but the text and everything is starting to fall of on my chapstick so it looks really ugly and disgusting.

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