Dream Cream


Caroline CarrosBeauty E.
It's a lifesaver

I have Atopic Dermitis (eczema) so I have extremly sensitive and dry skin. Dream Cream works wonders on my skin and makes it soft, the only downside is that I have to use quite alot for my whole body but it works so I don't care. The smell is not sweet or fruity as many LUSH smells, it's natural and herbal and I like that smell.

Zoe S.
Favorite lotion!

I love this lotion. It feels so incredible soft when you put it on, and it keeps my hands hydrated for such a long time. It smells great too! Definitely worth the investment!

Leila V.

I have incredibly dry skin with eczema, and tend to get through body creams like no ones business, so rarely warrant spending out alot on them as after a week or two I have used them up. Generally, I would buy quite a thick cream as opposed to a lotion as I find lotions dont tend to quench the tightness of my very dry skin. However, after a consultation with one of the lovely ladies down at my local Lush, I was pursuaded to try out this very lotion. Ive been using it now for a couple of weeks and I have to admit I am incredibly pleasantly suprised! The smell is heavenly, after growing up with my mum as an aromatherapist, the smells of natural oils always makes me feel all happy inside. Beyond the incredible scent, Dream Cream is one of those amazing products where a little goes a long way, after two weeks I have barely made a dent in the tub, and yet each and every time it leaves my skin feeling wonderfully soft and smooth. Even chill blanes are banished! So all in all, a lovely product and a definate convertee :) <3

Shauntae T.

i got this product for my eczema and it is amazing I love and I use fatefully everyday it keeps my skin from being irritated and reduces the redness.

Andrea H.

I love this lotion. I could drag myself across a carpet and my skin would still be smooth. i usually stock up on this during winter. can't wait. :D it isn't too oily and not too heavy, it's just right. it makes me excited to put on lotion lol

Victoria N.

best moisturizer i have ever used! i use it everywhere and it makes my skin so soft for like days. it doesnt have a smell that i've noticed which is fantastic since i like to switch up my scents

Elle A.

I'm really bad at putting lotion on my body because I don't get ashy skin and so I never think I need it, but this lotion makes me want to moisturize everyday. It smells great and leaves your skin so soft. After one use I already feel like it's doing a lot for my skin. I especially love using this on my legs in the summer.

Gracieee A.
so rich and moisturising!

even though this says body cream i like to mix it with my face moisturiser then apply it before my foundation and primer, it gets rid of any dry spots and leaves my face feeling soft and ready for the make up ahead, it takes a little bit of time to settle in completely so if you're in a rush i wouldn't recommend using it!

Melanie G.
Amazing Body Cream!

This cream is a staple in my routine. Its ridiculously moisturizing, and especially great if you have really dry skin or are prone to skin problems such as eczema. Personally, I love body creams that you can feel on your skin for a while afterward...which could be interpreted as greasy for some people, so if you typically don't like being able to feel a cream on your skin after applying, this may not be for you. This is a must in the winter months, but I use it all year round. The smell is very clean...I believe its lavender scented. Its a bit pricey, but the pot is HUGE and will last a very long time.

Nancy M.
....stole this from my boyfriend

My boyfriend has eczema and so he uses this unconditionally to treat irritation and redness. I DON'T have that condition but it still feels smooth on my skin. It feels really creamy and makes you feel soft and moisturized all day.