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Absolutely amazing.

You cannot go wrong with the inglot freedom system. I can only think of one bad thing to say and that is that you cant see the color number HOWEVER I love the freedom system palette design so I really don't want them to change it. The eyeshadows have amazing pigmentation and they are dirt cheap. I swear to god you could throw your palette against a wall and the eyeshadows would not break [minor exaggeration but you guys know what I mean] the palette itself is so sturdy, and durable. It is also so sleek looking in my opinion and also I love that they can all magnetize together. so say you have three palettes you can just stick them one on top of another and they're not going anywhere. also the magnets are so strong the top is not going to come off. so you don't have to worry about traveling with them because there's pretty much nothing that can happen to them. A++ Inglot

Absolutely terrible

This is the worst lip balm I have used in my entire life. It dried by lips out to the point where they split and bled. lol not exactly what I was looking for in a lip balm. If I could give this negative stars I absolutely would. I guess I could give it the benefit of the doubt and say maybe I'm allergic to something in it, or maybe I'm just used to high end lip balms that are healing and moisturizing but lol I guess I just thought that was the point of any lip balm, expensive or not.

It's okay.

So the thing about this product, it's nice because it's blush and bronzer in one and, really, a blush bronzer and highlighter. so that makes for fast application if you're looking for that sort of thing because you have all three in one. however, it is insanely shimmery so you have to be careful with it. you can't just dust it all over to give yourself color because you'll look like a disco ball. You also really can't contour with it because, well, contouring with a shimmery product is a walking contradiction. Also if you have acne, large pores, lines, wrinkles, any imperfection on your skin it will absolutely illuminate it, so that is something to keep in mind. I do like it I just felt there were a few things I would have liked to have seen different about this product, therefore its just okay. nothing special. Had they made the leopard print bigger, and the blush and bronzer matte, this would have been fantastic.


I am absolutely in love with MAC paint pots, the biggest problem that I have is that everything creases on me. Most primers don't work worth of anything. The worst primer for me is UDPP. It does nothing, in fact I think it makes the problem worse. That said, MAC paint pots are the only things that keep my eye shadows on and keep them from creasing, they are like cement, in a good way lol. I could never, not have my soft ochre paint pot. I love it over painterly because I love the yellow undertone of is whereas I dislike the pink of painterly. and I also love that there's no shimmer or glitter in it.


I have azalea blossom and it looks beautiful on the skin. I so wish I had gotten the peach one the first time they came out. But either way I think they are amazing products, granted the one I have is very sheer so you do have to pack it on I don't believe they are all that way, even if they are you have the option for a light application or you can build it up to your desire. I also love that you have the option of using one color, the other, or both. I can't wait for them to release more, I would most def. pick them up. :]

beautiful, intense, long lasting

I didn't buy this when it was apart of the wonder woman collection, but I wish I had. [I love the packaging] but either way it is an amazing lipstick. The color is a beautiful blue toned red, at first I didn't think it had a strong enough blue tone for me but I felt that as I wore it, it became for apparent. They say it has a matte finish but I don't think it looks completely matte and it certainly doesn't feel nearly as matte as say macs ruby woo. The texture reminds me more of the Nars Velvet Matte LIp pencils which are my favorite. so it never feels horrible and dry on the lips, and most of all your lips never look dry and gross. So over all this is an amazing lipstick, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a bold, blue toned lipstick.


I got whisper of guilt and glorify within the first couple of hours of them coming out and I absolutely love them. I use Whisper of guilt every day and if I don't use it, Then I'm using glorify, Glorify would look amazing on dark skin tones, it would make the skin look so warm and glowing, but I'm just about as fair as they come and I love it on me when I want my skin to look very golden and glowing. I didn't get superb because I didn't want any sort of pink to my highlighters, but no matter which one you get the quality is amazing, they look beautiful on the skin and the smallest amount goes such a long way and they will last you forever! That's for sure, so if you haven't gotten one and you could get your hands on one, then I most def. recommend it :D

Absolute favortie blush ever!!!!

This blush is absolutely perfect. No matter what blushes I add to my collection this is, and always will be my favorite. Almost every orange or peach blush I try pulls totally pink on me...and I HATE pink. This however stays completely true to color on my cheeks. It stays the beautiful orangy peaches color. I will never love a blush as much or more than this one. I wear it all year round, but if you're looking for a really nice blush for spring and summer, this is the's ALWAYS the one hahaha

Sensational!!! :D

I absolutely don't know what I would have done if I hadn't gotten this. Urban Decay is by far my favorite brand and let me tell you this palette definitely did not disappoint. The shadows in this palette are even more amazing than the rest of their shadows which as is are phenomenal. You could do any kind of look with this and can be used for any occasion. Not to mention the beautiful packaging! It is breath taking, although it does get finger-printy hahaha but that's no matter to me haha. If you haven't gotten this and still can get your hands on it, do it, you wont be sorry!

Absolute must have! I love it!!!

I have comfort zone, and I plan on getting all of them! I have the lust palette, and almost all the singles but I never really thought to get one of the eight pan palettes, I guess I just forgot how amazing WNW is. But one of my fav. girls on youtube is a WNW fanatic and has I think probably every or almost every eyeshadow by them, and it really made me want to try these palettes out. And let me tell you guys, bet idea ever!!! I I fell in love the second I swatched the colors :D I will def. be buying them all VERY SOON...and by that I mean like tomorrow :D hahaha

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