Extra Dimension Highlighter

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Marta N.
Whisper of Gilt & Superb!

I started using Whisper of Gilt in Hawaii with my beautiful tan & I fell SO in love that I ended up purchasing another one as a back up & also Superb to try it out! I LOVE BOTH of them!!! I use either one every single day!

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Crystal D.
One of my Fav's of all time

I purchased this last summer and was totally in love. On dark skin just looks absolutely amazingggg! Leaves you with the prettiest glow ever. Also applies so smooth on the skin and blends so effortlessly.

Michelle D.

I was able to get my hands on one of these after reading about all the hype. I absolutely love it. Can't get a hold of this product? Try MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle to achieve the same beautiful highlight! Enjoy Xo

Dani G.

I got whisper of guilt and glorify within the first couple of hours of them coming out and I absolutely love them. I use Whisper of guilt every day and if I don't use it, Then I'm using glorify, Glorify would look amazing on dark skin tones, it would make the skin look so warm and glowing, but I'm just about as fair as they come and I love it on me when I want my skin to look very golden and glowing. I didn't get superb because I didn't want any sort of pink to my highlighters, but no matter which one you get the quality is amazing, they look beautiful on the skin and the smallest amount goes such a long way and they will last you forever! That's for sure, so if you haven't gotten one and you could get your hands on one, then I most def. recommend it :D

Erica D.

I didn't see these when I picked up all the eye shadow colors. I would have got them. I use a pinkish color (eye shadow) and it works really well. I love these types. I would have purchased this if I knew it was there.

Kristalyn G.
My favourite highlighter!

I picked up Superb the first day that all those MAC collections dropped at the same time and I needed to have it because it has just the perfect peachy tint that it will look good all year round. This collection's name does not lie, it really gives your face that "extra" dimension because when the light hits off those high points of the face it really makes a difference and the light reflects so naturally. I would definitely reccomend this to those who are still debating whether it's worth it or not, get it while you can!!

Jaymie F.
Great Highlighter

I really like this highlighter. It's super finely milled and very soft to the touch. It gives the nicest glow to my face. I also use this as an eyeshadow too. I really love the texture of this and glad I picked this one up instead of passing on it. It took me awhile to decide whether I wanted it or not but decided to try it and am so glad I did!

Shannon H.
I wonderful Highlighter, wish it was permanent

I saw these and had to have this one and Whisper of Gilt! They are perfect and give my face a beautiful glow! Since this is LE I will be using sparingly :D

Jacqueline P.

I initially just wanted glorify but when I went,saw and touched them,I just had to pick all three up!They're very similiar in texture to estee lauder's illuminating powder gelee(which I love),and it isn't surprising considering estee lauder is the parent company.They look like a gel product,but it's powder.But it feels like it still should be gel.I find them best to wear when you don't feel like having tons of makeup on,a little goes a long way with these!

Heidi R.

I was actually hesitant to buy this because it is a little pricey but to be honest a little bit goes a long way. It leaves a perfect shimmery glowy highlight. I love it.