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Frankie M.
Beautiful colour selection

I love mac blushes for their colours and pigmentation but unfortunately their lasting power is so poor for the price. This lasts two hours max on my skin before I need to reapply.

Sana S.

When its something AWESOME so someone like me not care at all? Hows that possible? I had to get it, and today I am here with my review on MAC Peaches.

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Michelle  P.
Pigmented Colors! :)

I really like my peaches blush from MAC. I tend to use it during summer/autumn as it gives me such a pretty coral flush. The colors are really pigmented so I don't have to use a lot of it each time! :)

Maya K.

I love MAC blushes. So much color selection to choose from. One of my favorites is Peaches :) it just looks really nice on the cheeks, love it! Get your hands on it if you haven't already.

Cary R.
Great for Fair skin

Pros-Beautiful shade for fair skin! It blends very well with the skin. It does not feel cakey, goes on smooth and looks really beautiful. It will last you for a few months. It's from a company who doesn't test on animals :)

Cons- It's a little expensive 13$ at MAC and doesn't stay on ALL day... it comes off after a few hours.

All in all I give it a 4.5/5 ... a good buy.

Dani G.
Absolute favortie blush ever!!!!

This blush is absolutely perfect. No matter what blushes I add to my collection this is, and always will be my favorite. Almost every orange or peach blush I try pulls totally pink on me...and I HATE pink. This however stays completely true to color on my cheeks. It stays the beautiful orangy peaches color. I will never love a blush as much or more than this one. I wear it all year round, but if you're looking for a really nice blush for spring and summer, this is the's ALWAYS the one hahaha

Sandra S.
i love mac. end of story.

I love this blush. It's the perfect color.. its not heavy and doesn't make my face feel cakey.. I love almost everything by MAC. Its hard finding a blush that works well with my skintone and there are only 3!

S N.
What you would expect...

The MAC blushes are what you would expect from MAC. Nice pigmentation, lovely color range, different finishes.. To me, a blush is a blush. Some stay longer than others do (powders vs creams vs brands) but I don't bother with the details...blush is blush. So, I suppose if you are paying $22 or whatever for a blush it better live up to the MAC brand name expectations. I have several, and they all do.

Carmela W.
Love it!!

Pretty much adore this blush! Vibrant colors. I usually contour my face so this really compliments it well. Another thing, specifically in regards to the Peaches color is that it also compliments my bright colored lipsticks. Nothing but good things to say.

Holly D.

No matter how many blushes I add to my collection, I always come back to Mac Peaches. It is a beautiful, silky blush that flatters my skintone wonderfully. Long lasting and easy to apply, this is definitely a good bet