Paint Pot

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Joanna M.
Must have primer'

Absolutely love this as an eye shadow primer. Does t crease and keeps my shadow vibrant and neat. My second time buying it and love it. Only thing That sucks is when ur close to empty the primer kinda dries out

Abby T.

Amazing as a base to help keep eye shadow in place. Soft ochre is the perfect natural colour that is undetectable alone for my skin tone. I would definitely recommend thus product and I can't wait to add more colours to my collection!

Miller S.

I've had mine for ages and it hasn't begun to dry yet which is a plus. I love using it daily as a base for my eyeshadows. It never creases and does everything it's supposed to! I also have let's skate which is a great no fuss eye look

Diana R.

I just bought this product a few days ago and I can't believe I never wanted to buy it before! I love it! I use it every single day whether it is for a base or concealing. This paint pot does wonders and I recommend everyone gets one!

Nicole A.

Another one of my cult favorite products by Mac. I use this color almost with every look and it never disappointed, I own many other colors as well such as the newer stormy pink,Taylor grey and about 7 others. Great alone or to pump up shadows in the same color families xxoo

Dani G.

I am absolutely in love with MAC paint pots, the biggest problem that I have is that everything creases on me. Most primers don't work worth of anything. The worst primer for me is UDPP. It does nothing, in fact I think it makes the problem worse. That said, MAC paint pots are the only things that keep my eye shadows on and keep them from creasing, they are like cement, in a good way lol. I could never, not have my soft ochre paint pot. I love it over painterly because I love the yellow undertone of is whereas I dislike the pink of painterly. and I also love that there's no shimmer or glitter in it.

had to mircowave it

This isn't a bad review, but you may find this helpful! This was great when I first tried it. Then as I kept using it, it was a little dry. It was so hard to blend and it kept creasing. To make it creamier, I had to add a couple drops of Visine/contact solution and then microwave it for a few seconds. It's creamier now and I can blend it a little easier, but I still need to work hard to blend it just right.

Xena H.

I love my paint pot in Soft Ochre. It stays put on my oily lids all day! I use it without primer underneath. Also, the color I have makes for a good transition color. I use it a lot when I do a smokey eye because it softens the area between the eyeshadow and my skin. Totally love this product, it lived up to my expectations and then some!!

Brittne B.
One of my favorite primers ever!

I've been using MACs soft ochre paint pot for a few months now and I LOVE it!! This is a great base for bright colors and really makes my eye shadows show up true to color. It keeps my eye shadow from creasing all days long. The longest I've worn it was for about 9 hours and my makeup still looked like I had just applied it. Definitely recommend for those with oily lids.

Amanda E.
Holy Grail eye primer

This shade is perfect for yellow or warm undertoned people! I use this all over the lid to prime and cancel out any darkness. It dries to a powdery finish and makes the shadow look more vibrant. I like this more than other primers because of the color payoff. A little goes a long way and will buy this again and again!